Wednesday, September 30, 2009

scrap management

I showed you my fabric cupboard a while back.
That wasn't the WHOLE story.
Here's the rest......
2 1/2" strips.
One box of little squares in little bags.

3" x 3" squares.

2 1/2" squares.
These even have a little template.
woo hoo!

2" squares.
I will sometimes cut squares with the leftover fabric
from a project and just stick them into these
little bags.
I find that I use these little square quite
frequently in projects.
They're already to go!

fat quarters (or about that size pieces)
I have quite of few of these little buckets.

A drawer FULL of reds, purples, etc......
sharing space with lincoln logs.

Drawer FULL of yellows, tans, etc.....
sharing space with legos...

Drawer FULL of whites, etc.
sharing space with the little people...
why do you think I have so many of these
Besides making quilts and things....
I SHOP....
And I DID shop yesterday.
I was soooo good for so long and then
I went to my favorite discount store...
$2 a yard and found some fabric
I couldn't resist....



pink and purple.


blues and greens.
May your scrap basket be full
and your needle threaded!
I'm OFF to make a quilt!


  1. So, sew organized. Can't wai to see your newest project.

  2. I saw that green one you have in the last picture!! You were there yesterday? I was too! Apparently we missed each other. Bummer. I thought about picking up the green. I think I need to go with you though, to learn how you find the other great things you do!

  3. How organized your scraps are! Once upon a time I too had all my scraps sorted by colour, now they are all mixed together in shoe boxes.

    I love that they share space with kids' stuff; when grandson gets a bit older (and I finally get a bigger studio), I will put some toys in there so that we can spend time there together. Maybe he would like to sort scraps by colour...

  4. Oh, your scraps . . . you are so organized! You inspired me to post a blog admitting how I store my scraps. Great "filing" system you have . . . wonder how many days it would take me to sort mine out like that? Ugh.

  5. organized!!! NOW GO SEW...MAKE A MESS!!

  6. M & L?
    That place will be my down fall :-)

  7. Oh that is just too funny....because it's so normal! I had my sewing girls over last night and one was 4 blocks off finishing her 9 patch because she didn't have any more fabric scraps. So I whipped out my lunchbox full of 2 1/2" squares and let her choose! What are friends for?


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