Thursday, June 27, 2013

What makes it special?

Every quilt is SPECIAL right?
What makes it special?
Sometimes it's the OCCASSION.
Baby. Wedding. Birthday.
Even a GET WELL quilt is special!
Most quilts contains LITTLE special details!

Like pieces of plaid SHIRTS tucked into the piecing.

Or a SOFT backing fabric like this one.
It was given to me by a 93 year old friend
who is slowly passing her fabric on.
Wish pictures could tell you how soft
and sweet this fabric is!!!

A quilt is mostly SPECIAL because it contains
the CUDDLE factor!
Gotta LOVE 'em! 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Getting a quilt prepared today.
Thought it was done...
Then I decided this morning to add
TWO MORE borders!
I like the fabrics that POPPED out of the cupboard.
They seem to TIE it all together!

I've been using 505 spray recently.
This can is empty...
so I needed some more.
Thank goodness for AMAZON prime!
Love shopping without leaving home.
I've Pinned.
 I've sprayed with EVERY product
known to quilters.
I've even used BASTING stitches!
505 is My favorite right now.

Here was the thinking that went into the borders.
It requires a LARGE floor area
and a myriad of STASH fabrics
taking turns next to the quilt top!
I hit on these two early on in the process.
Thank goodness!

I took a little TOUR of my husband's garden
this morning....

When it comes to FRESH....
He's got us COVERED!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Woven in color

Before cleaning up after my BAG making adventure...
I thought I'd weave up ONE more item.

I love the colors in this table runner!
Wish I had some FIESTAware to set on top!
My plates are an ALLpurpose WHITE.

Love the texture in this!
All the bumps and lumps!
I've just listed this one in my shop
By the way...
I realized that it was
my 4 year blogging Anniversary yesterday!
Time FLIES when you're having FUN!
Love creating.
Love blabbering blogging about it!

Monday, June 24, 2013



If you make ONE bag and your friend admires it....
You'll need to make TWO.
This is the FIRST one for ME.
This is the SECOND for my friend.

Here's the woven piece BEFORE construction.

Here's the RAW material.
I have TONS of this fabric.
I think the ONLY thing it's good for
I cut this GAUZY cotton fabric into 1 1/2" strips
and added little strips of Tshirt fabric inbetween
to LIVEN it UP!!!

I love Weaving.
It's almost as addicting as QUILTING!

I added a simple lining.....

some black handles.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Welcoming SUMMERtime

One week withOUT a machine!
It was a challenge...
but I managed to keep myself PRODUCTIVE.
These pre-printed embroidery blocks
had some QUALITY time with me!
I love how they're coming out!
I use them in a scrappy quilt
using some fun 30's reproductions.
Nine patch blocks?
Half square triangles???
I get to dream about that one!
We'll see how many more vacations it TAKES
to get them ALL done!

This GORGEOUS yarn also
spent time
with my CROCHET hook...

Resulting in a YUMMY scarf...
that I couldn't WEAR because it's SUMMERTIME!
I'm going to wear it AS SOON as the weather turns cool!
I LOVE it!

Had a GREAT week with FAMILY and friends.
What a wonderful way to begin the summer!
It was extra special having my niece along
to help out with the younger one during her class time!
I'm Feeling blessed tonight.

Monday, June 17, 2013


Some of us are OFF to Family Camp!
Activities for the young ones,
Cafeteria food (I don't have to cook!),
Lots of time to Visit with friends!

We've packed the necessities.

Life's Good.
There are plenty of quilts to take along!

Thanks for entering the Craftsy giveaway last week.
Cheryl Won!

Sunday, June 16, 2013


I give a lot of quilts away....
And sometimes...
I get to do it IN PERSON!
I even enjoyed an EXTRA bonus at this baby shower.

The organizer of this party has some antique quilts.

She hung them around the room for us to admire.
Gorgeous? YES!

Sure glad I had my camera handy!

Wanted to remember the edge of this one.

Aren't they lovely?

This sweet little quilt was hanging on
the guest of honor's chair.

Forget to turn this picture around.
I loved the unexpected quilt show!
I'm inspired to make another quilt!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Finish

I can't take credit for making this WHOLE quilt.
It all began with a whole bunch of orphans
given to me by another quilter.
Thank you Cathy!!!!
I made some scrappy blocks to match.....
I figured out how to lay them out...
Since there weren't QUITE enough for a quilt,
I added a BLANK slate in the middle.
I WILL take credit for the center applique.
Isn't it great?
Getting the colors just right was the hardest part!

I had a green floral for the backing
and some yellow for the binding.

See all that quiting??
I don't usually quilt this heavily...
but the center seemed to be CALLING for it!!!

This, my friends, is a  REAL scrappy quilt.
Lots of little HAPPY pieces of fabric.
and NEW.
and LIGHT.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hostess gift

I have TWO new potholders today.
I needed a hostess gift to send with my son
who is traveling soon to Haiti.
I have them because......

Toni sent THIS today!
She knows I like orphans....
And....... you know me!!!
I can't let sleeping blocks LIE!!!
They have to be PUT INTO ACTION

I quickly pulled these two blocks out.
Added a border that was SUPER handy.
In other words....
Sitting on the floor next to my machine!!!!

Found some cute backing RIGHT NEXT to the border fabric...
ON the FLOOR!!!
Thank you so much TONI!
It was FUN!
My floor now is clear of TWO pieces of fabric.
What will I do with the REST????

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A free class

Quilting: QAYG Tote bag
Cute. Right?
It's from a new Craftsy class taught by
Craftsy has LOTS of quilting classes
Plus a host of other
Quilting: Tinker Tote
This one's even better!!!
There are a total of 11 projects in this class
and they use SCRAPS!
My Favorite kind of fabric!
Would you like to win a FREE class??
The Link to sign up is HERE.
Craftsy will pick a winner on Monday!
Good luck
and KEEP learning!