Friday, May 31, 2013

UNfinished Friday

This quilt is NOT finished.
It's getting there!
This was a quilt-along I started
before I new better!

We were instructed to applique petals onto squares.
The last few directions NEVER appeared....
How do you get all the squares TOGETHER??
I ended up folding and trimming everything OUTSIDE
the circle and appliqueing each circle
onto a VERY BIG piece of muslin
setting them RIGHT next to each other
as I went along.
I began in the middle
of the VERY BIG piece of fabric...
folded a middle line and used that for my guide.

It worked PRETTY good.
NOT perfect.

I'm almost done!
I need a few more petals around the edge
to EVEN things out.
Can you see my pencil lines there?
A few more Thursday mornings
appliqueing petals onto this VERY big quilt.
It's not easy doing needle turn applique on a
VERY big piece of fabric!
Good thing I have a nice big TABLE to work on!

This one's ALSO UNfinished.
I had fun with someone's orphan blocks.
Made a few of my own to blend in.
ADDED a center.....
Kind of a backwards way to do it....
Should have appliqued in that WHITE space
BEFORE sticking it in the center.
AH WELL........
That's the way I think sometimes.  ;)

I plopped a recent project in the middle
just to SEE what it might look like.
I think I like it.
IF I make that applique design a bit bigger....
it JUST might work!!!
That's it for my

Thursday, May 30, 2013

the BACK story

One thing I know about baby quilts.

They're always JUST a little too big.
You can't use just ONE piece of fabric for the backing.
That 40 some odd Inch is NEVER enough.
You always need a SEAM somewhere.

A golden opportunity
to add a CUTE little piece of fabric!
These little pieces were gifted to me
LAST year.
Why is it that it takes me a WHOLE year
to use
fabric that's been gifted to me???
I think I need to hold it CLOSE for a while
before I can LET IT GO!

I made this quilt top here.
It's now been quilted up
and ready for the BABY shower!!!
Is everyone YOU know having babies
and getting married????
Makes this quilter
a Busy...busy....busy girl!!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I quilted some lines yesterday.
That's all that quilting is, right?
Just lines.
Loopy lines.
straight lines.
wavy lines...

Like these.
SUPER easy wavy lines.
These are the lines I use when I'm in a hurry...
and when I KNOW the boy who receives it
Won't mind.  ;)

These are the NEW lines I tried.
Aren't they perfect for this quilt???

I love them on the backing too!
I need to use this pattern again!
It required NO marking at all.
I just followed along each BLOCK and
curved in at the end.


I had just enough batting out of this package for the two quilts.
Now I'm on hold.
Waiting for THIS BATTING to arrive.
It was on sale
and I had an online code for 10cent shipping.
THAT's almost FREE folks!
Haven't tried this batting.....
Have you?
Hope it doesn't take 3 weeks to get here!
Ah well....
any old excuse for putting
OFF quilting for today!!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Staring at me

These quilt tops are staring me in the FACE!
They need to be quilted ASAP.
Graduation is RIGHT around the corner.

There's one graduation quilt for a girl....

Another one to be pieced together on my floor.....

and THREE more on the table.
I've asked them to PL--Eeeeze STOP staring.
But it continues.
Wish me LUCK as I attempt to quilt these
before the high school graduations commence!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

One week

A week of fun...for sure....for sure!
(flowers in Kew Gardens)

One week of amazing sights and sounds!

One week of travel.
One week of handwork.
Just a little bit!!!

Even a little bib
as I Experimented with my crotchet hook!

A few stitches on the trains and planes.

One week of WALKING my legs off!!!
Here's a little sign I spied as I walked through Greenwich.

Oh yes!
You can BET I walked in!

Found some lovely remnants.

Just right for bags and pillows.

Pretty, pretty pieces.

One week of inspiration!

Wrought iron at the Victoria and Albert museum.

A WONDERFUL exhibit that inspired me with
ALL the design possibilities!!!! 
My mind was on FABRIC, of course.

Even spied some FUN fabric creations in the shop!!!
and ALL ready to zoom along with Ms. Juki!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Packing light

I'll be traveling this week.
I HAVE to have something to keep my hands BUSY!
I need to pack light.
Leaves pre-cut.
Vines basted.
(I used 1" strips and basted them in thirds.)

A little bit of cotton yarn to mix things up!
Some embroidery squares - pre-printed.
I bought these YEARS and years ago
to use in making a quilt.
There are 5 generous 17" squares
READY to be stitched!
NOTICE how much I've done in the last 10 years!!
It IS a light weight project
that will keep me busy
in case I want something different to work on!!
JUST in case I RUN OUT of projects!

I'll miss zooming along with ms. juki.
See my new little pin cushion there
tied onto the machine?
Thanks to a dear friend
for this little sewing gift!!!
Cute. cute.
See you when I get back!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I received a new batch of orphan blocks this week
from Jean and Kathy.
Aren't they beautiful???
8 lovely fans constructed sort of like a stack and whack block
except FAN shaped!

It didn't take long to make 8 more 9 patch blocks
using 5" squares!!!
A soft pretty quilt!!!
Should I add a border???

It doesn't take long to make a quilt
when you have half the blocks ALREADY constructed!!!
Someone made the HARD blocks.
I made the EASY ones!!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Peaceful village

My little baby quilt with houses is now complete.
I'm Soooo in love with this quilt!
Houses! Trees! Stars!
and LOTS of swirls.

The little village is peacefully resting
in a gentle breeze!!!

As you can see here...
I've used my red gingham sheet again!!!
This sheet is like the fabric that NEVER ends!!
It looks good as a binding on so many quilts!!!
I'll keep using it
and keep LOOKING for another
red gingham sheet!!!

It's Tuesday, and I've crossed another quilt off my list!
My quilt top pile is a little bit lighter!!!!
I have a big TRIP planned for next week...
How much sewing can I accomplish
while I make plans????
That is the question!
A little sewing...
A little planning....
A little dreaming.....
A little more sewing!!!
I'll have some time to roam around on my own while I'm there.
Dear husband will be in a couple of meetings.
I'd love to get some LONDON tips from you!

Monday, May 13, 2013

What's up on Monday?

Piecing a quilt backing.

Found a small fat quarter with DOGS to add!!!
The perfect touch for this new mom's baby quilt.
She ADORES dogs.

Sandwiching the quilt.

Looking for white thread as I listen to PANDORA.
I love listening to music as I sew!!!
What's your favorite station???
Look at all that thread!!!!!
Think I have enough?
That's just the TIP of the iceberg!

Beginning to swirl!

Deciding which chocolate to eat FIRST!!!!
("Thank you" goes to whoever it is
that invented MOTHER's day!!!)