Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I quilted some lines yesterday.
That's all that quilting is, right?
Just lines.
Loopy lines.
straight lines.
wavy lines...

Like these.
SUPER easy wavy lines.
These are the lines I use when I'm in a hurry...
and when I KNOW the boy who receives it
Won't mind.  ;)

These are the NEW lines I tried.
Aren't they perfect for this quilt???

I love them on the backing too!
I need to use this pattern again!
It required NO marking at all.
I just followed along each BLOCK and
curved in at the end.


I had just enough batting out of this package for the two quilts.
Now I'm on hold.
Waiting for THIS BATTING to arrive.
It was on sale
and I had an online code for 10cent shipping.
THAT's almost FREE folks!
Haven't tried this batting.....
Have you?
Hope it doesn't take 3 weeks to get here!
Ah well....
any old excuse for putting
OFF quilting for today!!!

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