Sunday, September 30, 2018

Monday Making

I made a simple quilt this week.

A quilt FULL of scrappy strips is a favorite of mine.

I did add some bigger chunks....
just because.

Some of these scraps go WAY back.

I ran out of the blue binding fabric and 
absolutely LOVE the yellow blue stripey addition there!

I broke one of my sewing "personal challenges"
and BOUGHT backing fabric!!

Isn't it cute???

I was tempted to buy a lot more!
I also finished this quilt this week.

After mending it
and quilting it
and binding it...
I have given myself an honorary degree.
HARD WON, mind you.

Some of you read last week's post.
I did NOT end up appliqueing the open seams.
I ripped a little and sewed a little
and fretted a lot.)

You can now refer to me as.....


This honorary degree is given after
many hours of repair using specialized equipment.
(seam ripper, scissors, sewing machine, needles, etc.)
It is earned after at least 5 quilts are
mended in a satisfactory way.
Satisfactory requirements state that the quilt must be USABLE.

These quilts never are quite right in the end.

Just like broken body parts...
there are scars.

But....they WORK
and they look ALMOST just right.

I have mended quilts like this at least 5 times...
so I consider myself to have earned this
AWESOME degree!!!

I'm OFF to order a wooden sign.
I will have my new LOGO engraved on it
and it will hang PROUDLY at my front door.


what are YOU making this week???

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Monday Making

Thank you for ALL your sweet notes of encouragement
and CARE this week!
My son had surgery Wednesday and it looks like 
after time heals his leg....he'll be as good as new.
Actually....he'll be Titanium strong!!!
He is teased by friends that he'll be SUPER HERO material!!!

This week, as I help him with this and that....
I'll be repairing this quilt.

My daughter put it together...
but found that some of the seams split open.
Any of you quilters know why???


Some of those seams just weren't quite 1/4"

Instead of taking it ALL apart...
I am going to applique seam binding or
packaged bias tape on the seams 
that need attention.

I LOVE her quilt
and am so happy to give a little help in getting it

I love DONE....don't you????

What are YOU making this week???

Monday, September 17, 2018

Monday making

life happened.
Sorry no Monday making party this week.
Hope to see everyone next week🙂
My son had a little run-in with a vehicle 
I’m in waiting rooms doing some embroidery.
Nice to have that project bag “ready to GO!”

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Monday Making

I gave a quilt away this week.

I've had this one "ready to go" for quite a while....
I wasn't ready to part with it until now.
It contains quite of few vintage fabrics
that I'll never see again.

I know.
It's silly.

I have SO much fabric.
Why fret about a CUTE little yellow strip of cotton??
with LAMBS on it??
That's only 1" x 5"???

I DO LOVE string QUILTS!!!

I guess I'll have to make another!!!

What are YOU making this week???

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Monday Making

This week I pulled out an older embroidery set of printed blocks
that I have had in the "to do" pile for a long time.

This is the perfect portable project!
I brought it along on a short trip this week.
I took two small printed blocks, 
thread, needle, embroidery hoop and small scissors.
(There are about 10 identical blocks to embroider)

During my little trip, I was able to almost finish ONE block.

As I stitched, I thought about how nice some 30's fabrics would look with it.
And guess what??
I happen to HAVE some of those reproduction prints!
(what DON'T I have...LOL)

As I stitch I will think about quilt settings.
There are always HAPPY thoughts when I'm stitching!

What are YOU making this week???