Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Not the best picture.
But the top is DONE
and I have to blog about it right away...right?

This is for an upcoming wedding.
I love it.
I think I'll tell the bride....if she doesn't like it...
PLEASE return it.
I'll gladly make one to suit her...
This one suits ME very nicely!!

This was my inspiration fabric.
A fabric gifted to me on my birthday.

This quilt has a little bit of everything in it.
Even some vintage linen in the block above.

I had this GREAT white fabric in my stash.
Look at that selvage.
Normally I give my selvages away...
but I'm keeping THIS ONE!!!

Now, to me....
a Successful quilt involves NO trips to buy extra fabric.
A REALLY successful quilt is
Beautiful and lovely
WITHOUT any errands involved!!!
This one is NOT one of my success stories!!!

I made TWO trips looking for the border fabric I wanted.
The stores didn't have it anymore. :(
IT was REAL pretty too!!!!
I TRIED hard to use what I have.
I thought about piecing some with scraps...
but there weren't enough scraps.

I bought this instead:

I love these two fabrics.
They tie in really well with the quilt.
they were half price!!!

I guess there are some success stories
 that involve trips to the fabric store!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Summer flowers

I'm building fences...

Surrounding some pretty Fields....

of Flowers!!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

BIG project Blues.

When you're working a huge project...
do ever wonder...
WHY, oh why, did I EVER begin this?
What possessed me?

I'll never have enough of these!!!
That's what I was thinking yesterday.
I even had some bad dreams about it last night.
IS that a GOOD sign or BAD????
I've appliqued
LOTs and lots of these circles.
The last time I posted about this one is here.

Yesterday I trimmed and pressed.

then I appliqued some circles onto a VERY large piece of muslin.

I used the crease of the fabric as my center line.
I have a LONG way to go.
I was feelin' kind of overwhelmed
with the size of this project.

This little something came in the mail.
Oh MY!!!
Did my mood change!!!!
I just LOVE this little bit of
wonderful patchwork!!
I MORE than love it!!!

Michele even included some yummy fabric!
Your timing was perfect.
I'm not feeling BLUE anymore.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thoughts on Thursday.

Finished my quilt for Hands2Help Charity!

Love the quilted swirls.
Love the Red checked binding.

I believe this will need to be a staple fabric at my house!
I've used it in THREE of my last few projects!!!.....
PLUS some!!!
I have two of these sheets and still haven't used it up!!!
Woo Hoo!!!

Here are some thoughts about cornbread.
You have to serve cornbread with chili!!!!
I wanted something a little more exciting than jiffy muffins last night.
I looked for a recipe.
Didn't find one that had the ingredients that I had on hand.

I like to live dangerously!!!!!
So I added stuff WITHOUT a recipe!!!

I added about 1/2 C.(?) frozen corn
2 T. (?) sugar
to the batter.

MMMmmmmm....they were sooo good!!!!
A little extra sweet....
and the added corn was such a nice addition!!!

I even had these cute little cupcake papers..
 I'd advise you save your money.

This is what MINE looked like after baking!!!
Maybe it was the 3 minutes that I overcooked them....
but I'd say....Even though they tasted really good.....
They don't look too pretty anymore!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I'm inspired by the old.

By this crazy quilt.
100 years old.

Love the embroidered stars.
So simple.
So beautiful.

I'm inspired by the NEW!

Applique using batiks on BLACK!
Plus a little embroidery work with yellow thread!

Old and New.

Both quilts were shown today at
my Wednesday morning quilt class.
We have show and tell every week...
and this week....
these were my favorites!!
Thanks Pam and Sharon for sharing!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Little Gingerbread Boy

This is a sentimental quilt.
I was asked to finish this quilt up
by the GRANDson of the maker.
He's a NEW daddy.
I happened to give his new baby a quilt.....
so....he asked if I could do this favor for him.

This is what I began with.

It's totally hand pieced and hand appliqued!!!!
The stitches aren't super close together.
I bet if you saw this at the thrift store you wouldn't think of finishing it.

You're not a relative of the maker.
You didn't hear
The Little Gingerbread Boy read to you
over and over again
by the lady who pieced this one!

This quilt holds more than stitches.
It holds

And then...
I thought I'd send you a chuckle today.
I didn't notice my mistake here
until I was at the ironing board!!!
Oh I had a good LOUD long laugh!!!
Felt good!
I was hoping you'd laugh along with me.
That's always more fun!!!!

I even TRIMMED it wrong and didn't notice!!!!
Do you think I might be in a hurry once in a while????
That's kinda the way I work!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

you win lose some...

I lost half of my sewing space this weekend.
This is the ONLY peaceful corner of the room now.
The rest of the room is in Explosion mode
as I try to condense!!!

My older children are at the age where they're home...
then they're not home...
then they're home again!!!

I've enjoyed a WHOLE room to myself over the last few months.
I NEVER thought I'd ever have that!

I got carried away though....
I spread out.
I took advantage of the space.
Oh boy!!!
I've had some fun!!!

It's over.
It's time to clean it up!
For a season, at least.
(One can dream, huh?)

I've run out of cubby holes to stash my stuff!!

I lost some space...

But I also WON!
3rd place in the local art show!

The sky is painted with acrylic paint.
I pieced a simple landscape...
stitched a little by machine...
stitched a little by hand.
My little piece was the ONLY quilt!
Art shows are a fun way to share quilting with others!

I'm off to see if I can create some more
hiding places storage space
at my house!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

baby quilt

I'm folding this one up today.
This little quilt has become a GOOD friend.

She's traveled around the country....
Been to the doctor's office with me.....
Comforted me as I worked.....

I stitched away through the last couple of months...

and now.

I'll miss her.

quilt stats:
vintage pieces of fabric
hand quilted with perle cotton
wool batting

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wonky Stars

My friend wanted to make some wonky stars today...
so we worked together...
and figured out how it's done.

We began with 3" squares.

I dug through some scraps and found some yellow.
laid it down there....

Double checking that it would cover the corner of the block.
It does.
Sew it on.

Press open.

Using the 3" square as a guide.

One Star point....
Only 7 more to go!!!!

Two star points!

Don't they look nice?

Here I am chain piecing those star points on!
Much easier.
I'm using some triangles cut from 3" squares.
It works perfectly!
Woo HOO!!!


See how that stash of 3" squares comes in handy????
I have quite a collection!!!
What color do YOU need??

I love the way they look with this fabric she'll be using!
Don't you???

After making some big stars....
I made some
(using 1 1/2" squares)
So. cute. !!!!

I'll be making these for the next few years!!!!
Hope you don't get tired of seeing them!