Wednesday, May 18, 2011

quilt festival time!

I'm entering this quilt into Amy's quilt festival.
A VERY. Scrappy. Quilt.
For a deserving Graduate!

This quilt incorporates lots of blue strips.
I had quite an overload of BLUE!
And I'm afraid this quilt did not
put a dent in the scrap pile!

This quilt represents my beginnings as a quilter.
I've been heading up the making of quilts
for high school seniors at my little church
for about 15 years.
When we began....
Our quilts were VERY simple.
Just 6" squares sewn together.
The squares for this quilt were made here
on a Saturday morning by anyone who wanted to help.
I incorporated the blocks into a quilt!!!
The back is kind of funky and fun.

I absolutely LOVE giving these away each year!
Some years we have 2 or 3 graduates.
Last year I think we had SEVEN!

This quilt is ready now for graduation!....
And a college dorm!.....
And a summertime picnic!....


  1. this a beautiful entry quilt....i love blue so i seem to also collect quite a bit of it

  2. the quilt you made looks great! I don't have a quilt ready for the festival, but looks like they have wonderful prizes...and I hope you win one, you deserve it!

  3. It is a beautiful quilt. The recipient is very lucky!

  4. I think this quilt screams, take me to the beach! Or that may just be the college student coming out in me.
    I'm sure it will make a graduate very happy.

  5. Looks like a quick way to use up scraps, and it's so pretty! I too have a plethora of blue scraps, hmmm......

  6. Very nice Beth. Love the extra stripe of color in the border.

  7. I love it! the colors are wonderful. The back is great too!

  8. Such a lovely quilt, and such a nice thing to receive... something to remind you of the love from your church as you venture away from home. How wonderful! I might have stuck with my church if there had been love like that.

  9. Great pattern! I'm going to abscond with it - I see it in red/white/blue for an American Hero quilt (a Pacific Northwest thing).

  10. Very nice! The colors are so appealing.

  11. Great use of your blue scraps. Love the back!

  12. Wonderful quilt! I love all the blue scraps. Blue seems to be my over flowing scrap bin too.

  13. Beth, that quilt is stunning! The blue strips really pop against the browns. What a special graduation gift, no wonder there's so many graduating!

  14. I love it. What an inspired use of scraps, for such a great cause, too.

  15. Beth, I love this quilt. The brown strips at the top and bottom are a great look. What a wonderful program your church has for the graduates.

  16. What a wonderful tradition, and good excuse to make another quilt.

    This one's nice ! I think the gold/brown added in with the blue is very good-looking !

  17. I'm so glad you picked this quilt! It's one of my absolute favorites of yours from the past year. It represents so much of what you do!!

  18. What a great way to acknowledge an accomplishment not paid enough attention to anymore. Beautiful quilt.

  19. What a beautiful quilt and a beautiful reason to give it! I admire your talent and your generosity, Beth. Great entry for the BQF!

  20. très masculin j'aime beaucoup superbe réalisation


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