Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thoughts on Thursday.

Finished my quilt for Hands2Help Charity!

Love the quilted swirls.
Love the Red checked binding.

I believe this will need to be a staple fabric at my house!
I've used it in THREE of my last few projects!!!.....
PLUS some!!!
I have two of these sheets and still haven't used it up!!!
Woo Hoo!!!

Here are some thoughts about cornbread.
You have to serve cornbread with chili!!!!
I wanted something a little more exciting than jiffy muffins last night.
I looked for a recipe.
Didn't find one that had the ingredients that I had on hand.

I like to live dangerously!!!!!
So I added stuff WITHOUT a recipe!!!

I added about 1/2 C.(?) frozen corn
2 T. (?) sugar
to the batter.

MMMmmmmm....they were sooo good!!!!
A little extra sweet....
and the added corn was such a nice addition!!!

I even had these cute little cupcake papers..
 I'd advise you save your money.

This is what MINE looked like after baking!!!
Maybe it was the 3 minutes that I overcooked them....
but I'd say....Even though they tasted really good.....
They don't look too pretty anymore!!!!!!!


  1. Great charity qyilt Beth and I am sure the cupcakes still taste yummy.

  2. The quilt looks wonderful Beth! You do such nice work & so FAST!!

    That is too funny about the cute cupcake papers! Who'd a thunk they'd brown up like that?? But I like that you were a Daring Girl & added ingredients all on your own !!!
    Way to go!


  3. Last night, I ALSO made some cornbread to go with some back bean veggie chili. I ALSO used a mix to which I ALSO added something extra ... without benefit of a recipe. In my case it was a finely chopped jalapeno pepper and some Monterrey jack cheese--kind of the opposite of your sweet, corny corn muffins, but also pretty tasty ;-)

  4. Your H2H quilt is cute...and I'll pass on the cornbread; thanks though!

  5. Cute quilt. You do great work..
    I usually add a small can of creamed corn in my cornbread muffins. It adds so much flavor.

  6. Great quilt!

    I totally agree-corn bread and chili...Mmm!Mmm!Good!

  7. I always add a drained can of corn to my corn muffins. I like the added texture, and I'm always looking for ways to get my kids to eat more veggies.

  8. Your H2H quilt is so sweet.
    Good idea with the gingham bed sheets! Sometimes you can get some great deals on bedsheets at Ross.
    You can so so many things with those Jiffy mixes.

  9. Such a beautiful quilt, and the backing is great! I love using sheets for backing!!

  10. Look at you! All done with the challenge in May! This is a beautiful quilt, love the binding!

  11. love your h2h quilt, congrats. :)
    corn muffins look yummy even in browned papers lol


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