Saturday, March 30, 2013


Getting some IMPORTANT things collected
around here so I can pack.
I'll be away for a couple of days
and know that some SEWING
HAS to come along with me
Or I'll go CRAZY!!!

Toni's orphan blocks arrived just in time
for my trip.....
for Sarah's HANDS2help quilt drive!

I haven't decided which set of blocks
will become a QUILT yet!
Maybe I'll get TWO quilts made!!
Have a blessed Easter.

Thursday, March 28, 2013


A little birthday gift
for my friend who likes RED.
When birthdays come.....
I don't feel RIGHT unless
I make something!!!
Even if it's a LITTLE something!
My scrap drawer didn't let me down!
I found the perfect reds
just WAITING to be used up!

I'll purchase something to put inside.
What will it be?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I saw a little bunny on Michele's blog...
and had to make one for myself my daughter
and Granddaughter.
I tried to download the pattern...
but it didn't work for me.
I went ahead and tried to draw the bunny.

I added some little whiskers to this one...
hoping to make it look more like a bunny
and less like a
"what is that?" kind of animal.
This was my second try.
Here's my first go at it....

My daughter-in-law couldn't tell what it was.
I used felt for the eyes
since my granddaughter would be using it.
I think it looks kind of like E.T.!
That's o.k.
I filled it with cookies!!!
That's what COUNTS!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I'm piecing memories together today.
Memories of a happy childhood.
ONE t-shirt at a time.

I'm using pellon fusible interfacing.
cutting each piece 15" wide.

Then cutting it lengthwise to fit EACH t-shirt block.
The t-shirts were cut 15" wide as well.
All I have to do is trim the bottom off.
The t-shirts are ALL the same width....
not the same height!

Using my fancy-schmancy pressing cloth

A few squirts of water.

I press the interfacing to each block.
Pretty soon,
I'll have them READY to go
and I can begin SEWING!!!
I'm also making HISTORY today....
By Mopping the floor.
In my defense....

It's a BIG floor.

I'm also enjoying some warm weather.
The doors are open as the floor dries.
I'm cutting and pressing t-shirts.

It's a GOOD day.

Saturday, March 23, 2013


My husband bought me an anniversary gift this year.
I had told him recently
my goal for the year is
NOT spending anything on fabric/yarn this year.
And so far,
I've been true to my word.
He said, that if HE bought it....
That would be O.K.
So HE bought it.
Really nice yarn.
Fun yarn.
Yarn that I picked out!!!
I didn't like the scarf.
The scarf was just TOO stiff.
I think that's called the drape...???

I did some UN-WEAVING
Let me tell you.....
UNweaving takes a LONG time!!!
Thankfully it was Thursday morning
(my sewing group day)
and I had friends to talk to as I worked!!!!

I warped the loom up AGAIN
with something thinner
(cotton crotchet thread)
and I used EVERY other slot in the reed.
(not sure if that's a good idea....
but i did it!)

MUCH better.
I don't have much longer to use a WARM scarf
as the weather warms up!!!
Ah well...
There's always next year!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

One Happy quilt

Can you guess what I used to make this beauty?
Wouldn't you agree it's wonderful???

Did YOU make any of these blocks?
They were orphans...
and now they're NOT!
It will be hard to say goodbye to this one.
It's such a HAPPY quilt!
This quilt will be used to raise money
for a local school's music program.
There are SO many worthy causes
and many are so CLOSE to home!

I added a pretty backing
and quilted wavy lines across.

Orphan blocks make the BEST quilts!
How I did it:
For Kyle and anyone else wondering. ;)
I chose some orphans that kind of went together.
I began laying them on my floor.
They fit together PERFECTLY except.....
-the four patches in the white squares needed a trim
-see that little red strip on the bottom left??
I added that to the column to make it fit.
The sticks around the border are wonderful!!!
I didn't have enough.
You can see the obvious green that I added.
Since I broke it up a bit...
I think it works!
Quilt measures 48"x54"

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

still weaving

I'm still weaving.
Between sewing projects I have been managing to
warp up the loom...
and weave something!
This time I used thin strips of fleece!
What I got is an
Amazingly SOFT woven rug.

Kind of like a t-shirt rag woven rug...
it's SOooo soft!!!
For you knitters and crotcheters out there....
Have you made anything with strips of fleece????
Curious minds want to know.
Trying out bloglovin'

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Another orphan quilt

It is a marriage of blocks.
Half square triangles from one quilter....
5" squares from another quilter...
A border of 5" to pull out the blue a bit.....
A quilt that screams 1970's!!!

Monday, March 18, 2013

A gift box

I'll be piecing some half square triangles today.
These were gifted to me by Selina.
Thank you so much!
They came in a box while I was Celebrating an Anniversary!

29 years of marriage.
Here we are taking the amtrack train to....

San Diego.
We stopped by Visions  Art museum.
A place I've wanted to see for a long time.

It was hard to decided WHAT to begin sewing
after digging through Selina's GIFT box!

I almost began with this....
She even sent some more paper foundations!
And look at this!
My little house quilt is moving along!
I was thinking it needed a car or two...
and Selina READ MY MIND!!!

How perfect are these????
I'm pretty sure they're going to fit right in!!!
Aren't blogland friends the BEST??!

Thursday, March 14, 2013


It was time.
Time to make a charity/donation quilt.
I did TWO things I RARELY do.
I followed a pattern.
I used a collection of fabric.

This fabric comes from connecting threads.
that thin line of purple.
THAT ...was in my stash.
I ran out of purple and had to use SOMETHING!

The kittens are SURE to make someone smile.

A little quilting...
a little binding....
A FUN quilt!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Good morning!

I woke up today and began working on my
LITTLE house quilt.
I. am. loving. it.

I made some little trees last night to use.

Went to my SPARE PARTS dept.
ie....Orphan drawer...
and found these little tiny stars
I had been making 2(?) years ago.
It's going to a VERY fun quilt!
Can't wait.
My day is BUSY...
so.... I DO have to WAIT.
(Should be OFF computer
getting ready right now!!)
You know me!
Have to gab about current project
something FUN gets started,
the MINUTE it
gets moving...
it gets DONE!!!

I WILL be carrying my NEW BAG though!
Kind of quirky??

That's me.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Wonderful weaving

I've been doing some weaving.
What fun!

This one's for a friend.

This soft and cool runner is for the shop.

The colors feel like a calm day at the ocean.

My latest fabric acquisition.
(hand me down fabric....the BEST kind!!!)
TONS of this ONE fabric!!!
Thin. Gauzy. unfit for quilts.
How will it work in the loom????

I added lots of little leftover tshirt parts....
This one is FRESH off the loom.

You can tell I need to do some finishing work on the ends there.
 I love the TEXTURE!!!
Should I make a bag????
I think I might.
Gotta go figure out HOW!!!