Wednesday, March 20, 2013

still weaving

I'm still weaving.
Between sewing projects I have been managing to
warp up the loom...
and weave something!
This time I used thin strips of fleece!
What I got is an
Amazingly SOFT woven rug.

Kind of like a t-shirt rag woven rug...
it's SOooo soft!!!
For you knitters and crotcheters out there....
Have you made anything with strips of fleece????
Curious minds want to know.
Trying out bloglovin'


  1. I bet that rug feels good under the feet. Oh, and I just found bloglovin' too! Good thing they're helping us out!!

  2. I guess you did that in your spare time... where did you get that time? I could use some.
    Love the rug! Where does this one go?

  3. Beth, I finished my first weaving project...thanks to you and your inspiration!
    Thank you so much!!


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