Thursday, March 21, 2013

One Happy quilt

Can you guess what I used to make this beauty?
Wouldn't you agree it's wonderful???

Did YOU make any of these blocks?
They were orphans...
and now they're NOT!
It will be hard to say goodbye to this one.
It's such a HAPPY quilt!
This quilt will be used to raise money
for a local school's music program.
There are SO many worthy causes
and many are so CLOSE to home!

I added a pretty backing
and quilted wavy lines across.

Orphan blocks make the BEST quilts!
How I did it:
For Kyle and anyone else wondering. ;)
I chose some orphans that kind of went together.
I began laying them on my floor.
They fit together PERFECTLY except.....
-the four patches in the white squares needed a trim
-see that little red strip on the bottom left??
I added that to the column to make it fit.
The sticks around the border are wonderful!!!
I didn't have enough.
You can see the obvious green that I added.
Since I broke it up a bit...
I think it works!
Quilt measures 48"x54"


  1. Hope it raises a lot of $ for the school. The border is so cute. Tell us how you did it.

  2. Wonderful and amazing! Love this bright happy quilt. Glad that you were able to use the sticks.

  3. I recognize one of them. The one with the rust background and the floral center. I am so very happy to see those blocks getting used!!

  4. It definitely all fits! I sure love your methods and your style. Love the sticks in the border!

  5. It looks great and I LOVE the border!!!

  6. Hi Beth, I think that your "obvious green", along with your cool pieced border, is one of my favorite parts of this quilt - not too matchy, you know? I think creativity is born out of necessity, don't you? Love this one.

  7. It is wonderful and yes a very happy quilt , I am sure it will raise lots of money for your cause.I am curious about the border , how are the sticks made .

  8. this is a great quilt. The sticks in the border are terrific.

  9. This is terrific - the sticks in the border add just the right touch. I'm sure it'll raise lots of money. Good job!!!

  10. Happy indeed! I love the border. We just had an orphan block "adoption" at our guild tonight. There were tons of blocks, projects, etc. We'll have the birthday party for them in November. Will put the orphans I adopted on my blog in a few days. Fun stuff!

  11. That's so beautiful! Sew pretty!

  12. It totally works and I love that you shares your thought process. I've got so many extra blocks laying around.... really should take your lead.

  13. Orphan blocks put together with creativity and love make the best quilts. You did a wonderful job with them.

  14. I love your border, and I think you made it work very well!

  15. I love how your border really ties the whole quilt together. It looks great with the mix of different blocks. Great Finish!

  16. I love this quilt! I especially LOVE the border! I usually shy away from borders, but I would be tempted to make one like this some time. I really hope it earns lots of money. Music in schools is very important, and those programs cost a lot to run!! Thank you for caring :)

  17. I like the border the best. Really pulls the eye right into the quilt, and then the blocks keep the eye traveling round and round. Great little quilt!


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