Sunday, March 3, 2013

Neighborhood fun!

Remember the Neighborhood party we had at the end of 2012?
Lots of house blocks came to me!!
and then...
Some really FUN neighborhoods were SENT OUT!!!
Look at what Ida did with her winnings!!!
A four seasons Tablecover!!
Isn't it great???

If you happen to SPY your house block...
she'd LOVE to hear from YOU!
Some of the houses were signed...
and some were not.
Did you win some house blocks too???
We'd LOVE to see what YOU made!
Happy stitching everyone!


  1. Hi Beth! Thanks for posting my project and many thanks for hosting this fun event for us every year!!

  2. I saw Ida's tablecloth and it is gorgeous. What a creative way to use those lovely house blocks. Can't wait for the next Neighborhood Party.

  3. I love that topper. I recently made one with my wedge runner and adding some houses would be such a good idea.

  4. Wow, what an amazing and creative piece! Wonderful!

  5. Didn't she do an amaing job with the blocks? I love how she thought outside of the box!!!

  6. Love the table cover, what a clever arrangement for the house blocks!

  7. I love the added trees on the block, and that it's a 4 seasons quilt and in the round. (Your fingers can go for a walk around the neighborhood.) Seems she added the names in the outer rim, too. (I bumped it up to 200% so see the details, but I'm sure I missed some of them.)

  8. Also missed the center - sun and flying things? Amazing!
    Hugs again!

  9. Love the houses! So weird - I was just thinking "houses" would be a cute theme for the nursery. I will keep an eye out for a baby quilt with little houses on it! ;)


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