Sunday, February 25, 2018

Monday Making

Welcome to the Monday Making party.
I appreciate all of you who link up every week!

This week, between small quilts
also known as TABLE MATS,
I am adding blocks to this quilt I started a long time ago.

The pattern was given out on block lotto (----years ago?)
and I thought I might join in the swap.
Well.... I kept the blocks
and decided to add an alternate block
using white cornerstones and background.

Little by little a quilt will SOMEDAY be complete.

What are YOU making this week?

Friday, February 23, 2018


As some of you know...
I'm making some small quilts.
My goal is TEN!

They will grace the tables at an April retreat
and the attendees will be able to bid on them.

I had fun quilting this one!
I followed the scrappy seams
and just eyeballed the whole thing.
Straight lines and wavy lines.
It ALL works.

I love the springy look, don't you?

These scraps were in a little baggy
given away by a quilter who didn't "NEED" them anymore.

I used them JUST as they CAME!
 I think these scraps are very happy
to be part of such a happy LITTLE quilt!

I'm ON to the NEXT little scrappy quilt.
What colors will I CHOOSE???

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Monday Making

I have been making small quilts.
Little TABLE mats.

I will quilt them eventually
and then they'll be used at a retreat auction.

I'm having fun.
Choosing color and themes as I go!
I've also been asking friends and family for ideas.
My daughter-in-law chose the color palette for that first one.

I have also been working in the kitchen.
Trying to USE the produce that is either given to us...

Or from the harvest in my husband's garden.

The radishes were VERY plentiful this year!!
I've been cooking the greens....
and giving the excess radishes away.

How many radishes can YOU eat???

Don't want any FOOD or FABRIC to go to waste over here!!!

What are YOU making???

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Monday Making

I'm working on a smallish
scrappy (of course) quilt.

I'm calling it my WARM quilt.
All those colors feel like summer!

The hand quilting continues.......
It'll take some time.
emphasis on SOME!

What are YOU working on??

Friday, February 9, 2018


I finished a little quilt this week!
the top is done.

Can you believe I had this heart backing fabric
in the stash 
I found it!!!

Such a perfect match!
As I read the date (1992) I was thinking
"Isn't it NICE fabric has no expiration date?"

We don't know WHEN those pieces will find their

I'm hand quilting now
with red embroidery floss.
My GO TO when it comes to quilting these days!

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Monday Making

There are so many WONDERFUL quilting books!
This week I will be searching through mine
to find some inspiration for another

I will also work a little more on hand quilting my
"H" quilt.
What are YOU making this week???
Thanks to all who link up each week!

Friday, February 2, 2018


Sometimes, when beginning a project,
I stand in front of the fabric wishing the RIGHT pieces
would just JUMP OUT at me!!!

It's hard to decide WHERE to begin sometimes.

I'm happy to report the fabric didn't quite JUMP.
It just sat there right ON TOP of everything else and looked pretty.
I chose BLUE.

This is the FIRST of TEN!

I am making table toppers/centerpieces/table mats
(which is the BEST term??) 
 for an upcoming retreat auction.

Another QUILTY tradition I began a few years ago.

I enjoy the challenge of making LITTLE quilts that
OTHERS might like.

My goal is ONE a week!!
We'll see how that goes.