Monday, October 31, 2011

Field of flowers

I'm stitching a field of flowers among the
I spy blocks.

Kind of like snowflakes.....

No TWO are exactly alike.

I'm aiming my needle in the center of each block....

Doodling Four corner petals.....

and then...
filling in four more between.

Wondering if the I spy blocks should get quilted
left alone!

It's not all flowers and stitching here though.
Sometimes it's
Rah Rah!!
Go Team Go!!!

Nice to have a little BALANCE in life...Hmmm?

Friday, October 28, 2011

5 inch FUN!

Today I'm working away on my I SPY quilt.
Carla had a swap in the summer and I played along.
I even had a bunch of blocks pieced together....
but I never finished it!

It needed a few more 5" I spy squares...
I'm sure
You know how that goes.....
You set it aside waiting to get more fabric...
and then.....
it gets forgotten! :/

My little girl's birthday is NEXT week
and I would love to get this one done for her!!!

Most eight year olds would not really appreciate this quilt..
but my little girl has some developmental delays and
She's going to have some fun with this one!!
It makes my stitching time
VERY happy
thinking about her sweet disposition
her enjoyment of LIFE!!!

I'm kind of proud of myself for piecing some of the blocks
that needed to GROW to be 5 inches!
Isn't that owl cute???

and these big trucks needed a little whimsy as they GREW!

One of my VERY favorite blocks!
My DREAM vacation home!

All I need now is a small white border....
a lot of little scrappy pieces around the outside....
Can I get it together by next week????

I think I can...I think I can...I think I can.....

Thursday, October 27, 2011

long overdue

Me-thinks it's TIME!
Time to do a little clean-up!

That's better.

All it took was a damp cloth
a little Elbow GREASE!!!

Wonder WHY I waited SOoooo long?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

In the PINK.

I didn't realize how much PINK was hiding the scrap basket!
There's a lot pink going on in there, huh?

Of course...I added a bunch of other colors!
 blues, reds, greens....

The backing is a linen given to me recently.
Isn't it GREAT?????
I love the feel of it!

Can't go WRONG with a classic:
Cross-hatch quilting.

This quilt will be in an fundraising silent auction next Saturday.
Wish HER luck!
She wants to be LOVED to death!!!
Don't ALL quilts????

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Nothing says "WELCOME" better than a QUILT!!!

Even if it IS small.....

Even if it Does quickly STAIN!!!

I'm hoping..
These little potholders quilts will say welcome for a GOOD long TIME!

I'm giving them to the newest members of our church tomorrow
with a cookbook.

I hope these Pretty little orphan blocks will
warm our new friends hearts
for many MEALS to come!

Potholders are so easy to make.
I can't resist making them
when the opportunity comes along!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Tiny shoes

Here are the first two pair of MANY!!!

The PERFECT project for little scraps...
And you know me...
I'm the QUEEN of scraps!!!



Free pattern here.

Thank you friends for sending me ALL the great LINKS
to some wonderful baby things!

I can tear myself away from holding the new baby...
I'll sew something!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Please meet the newest member of our family!

Introducing my first little grandbaby.
Should I make these shoes first???
a little sleeper???

Please leave me LOTS of links....
with LOTS of GREAT ideas.....
because I'M TOTALLY inspired to.....
SEW something!!!!  RIGHT. NOW.!!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Worth repeating

If you HAVE to mark a quilt....
This is one of my TOP choices.

Painter's tape and a nice long ruler.

I've probably mentioned it before...
but it's worth repeating.

This quilt top was finished way back here!
I'm finally getting around to getting it DONE.

Begin in the middle of the quilt and work out to the edges.

Just WATCH your speed!
If you go TOO fast.....

That walking foot will

Monday, October 17, 2011

The BEST thing!

The BEST thing about quilting is...
Giving them AWAY!!!!

Of course...
there's also...

Figuring out what to do with some fun new to me old fabric!!!

And then there's....

Getting to spend time with an OLD quilt friend...
My unfinished postage stamp quilt.

I think I'll make some more blocks today!

There are SO MANY BEST things about quilting!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


I'm done quilting two quilts!
In between quilting I did some
and some
But that's about it.

The double wedding shower is Saturday and I
REALLY wanted to see the girls open their quilt-gifts!!!
Guess you could say I was motivated!

The Girls are sisters getting married only a month apart.
The double shower should be fun!!!

It's interesting to see the polar opposite style of quilt designs chosen, huh?
I let them choose a small quilt top from my pile
and then I made them queen sized.

Queen sized quilts are BIG.
Queen sized quilts are HEAVY.
Queen sized quilts take a while to make
when you've got a head start!!!!

Like I said.....

In between quilting I had to have a FUN little break.

Someone gave the pieces for the this little doll dress away!
The fabric and the rusty pin holding it all together
gave me SOME indication how OLD this
probably is!!!!

This little dress is probably
to be out of the UFO pile!!!
And a little girl I know is going to have some
fun dressing her doll in
VINTAGE style!!!!

The quilts are ready to go.

And I'm ready to REST.

I was frugal and used my stash for the backings!

I think I like the pieced backs better anyway!!!

You can't tell from looking...
but I tried my hand at feathered quilting.

The feathers seem to be invisible...
even when I look really hard!!!

Oh well.....
Guess it's good to practice those
FANCY stitches
EVEN When....
 they can't be seen!!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Blooming like crazy!

When the flowers are blooming LIKE CRAZY!!!......

It's SURE nice to be able to pull a pretty fall table mat out

Monday, October 10, 2011


I finished my swap quilt.
10" squares of Kaffe Fasset with a coordinate to match.
Isn't it wild?

The tutorial for this block is here.

This little quilt top was an experiment.
I did NO planning.
I just did some cutting and sewing.

Since I didn't do any planning......
I ended up with a pretty small quilt top.
Right now it's only 48"x48".
I guess TECHNICALLY it's NOT finished.
I do want it to GROW.
If I want it to grow...
You've GOT IT......
I'll have to SHOP!
Ah well......
Worse things have happened!!!

Who won the book, you ask??