Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Worth repeating

If you HAVE to mark a quilt....
This is one of my TOP choices.

Painter's tape and a nice long ruler.

I've probably mentioned it before...
but it's worth repeating.

This quilt top was finished way back here!
I'm finally getting around to getting it DONE.

Begin in the middle of the quilt and work out to the edges.

Just WATCH your speed!
If you go TOO fast.....

That walking foot will


  1. oh my gosh, did you really write that note on your walking foot!? That's awesome! I recall that my walking foot directions said, too, to keep it slow.

    Thanks for the veteran quilter's tip. So far I've picked designs that don't need to be marked :)

  2. I love using painters tape, as a matter of fact I just used some today.

  3. This is a great idea, I love the quilt top and the colours. Beautiful things are always beautiful in spite of the fact that you already posted about them.

  4. Love painters tape - machine or hand quilting. And it comes in so many colors now.

  5. Great idea -- and I love the wording on the foot, as well. One question. . . do you pin your quilts? How do you keep the layers together without bunching (my biggest problem) while machine quilting?

  6. great idea...i was just using tape to mark a quilt this week....didnot think to do the ruler though...that might have made it a little neater.


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