Thursday, October 13, 2011


I'm done quilting two quilts!
In between quilting I did some
and some
But that's about it.

The double wedding shower is Saturday and I
REALLY wanted to see the girls open their quilt-gifts!!!
Guess you could say I was motivated!

The Girls are sisters getting married only a month apart.
The double shower should be fun!!!

It's interesting to see the polar opposite style of quilt designs chosen, huh?
I let them choose a small quilt top from my pile
and then I made them queen sized.

Queen sized quilts are BIG.
Queen sized quilts are HEAVY.
Queen sized quilts take a while to make
when you've got a head start!!!!

Like I said.....

In between quilting I had to have a FUN little break.

Someone gave the pieces for the this little doll dress away!
The fabric and the rusty pin holding it all together
gave me SOME indication how OLD this
probably is!!!!

This little dress is probably
to be out of the UFO pile!!!
And a little girl I know is going to have some
fun dressing her doll in
VINTAGE style!!!!

The quilts are ready to go.

And I'm ready to REST.

I was frugal and used my stash for the backings!

I think I like the pieced backs better anyway!!!

You can't tell from looking...
but I tried my hand at feathered quilting.

The feathers seem to be invisible...
even when I look really hard!!!

Oh well.....
Guess it's good to practice those
FANCY stitches
EVEN When....
 they can't be seen!!!!


  1. Beautiful quilts... there are going to be some very happy and pleased brides-to-be! Congratulations on two wonderful finishes!

  2. Love both the quilts & the doll dress! Especially love the binding on the D4P!! You deserve a bit of rest--good work! :-)

  3. I can't even imagine being so productive! The backs are indeed pretty cool, but so are the "fronts".

  4. Both these quilts are really beautiful. I especially like the top one. Very eye catching.

  5. Congrats on a job well-done! And what a big job - you deserve a break now. The brides will love their quilts!

    I especially like the Disappearing 4 Patch. Are all the squares liberated or are some "normal"? I like the plaids and stripes too. Fun!

  6. Two very pretty quilts that I am sure are going to be loved from the moment thay are opened up at the shower. Congratulations on two wonderful finishes.

  7. I like the idea of a double shower. Great quilts and I know they will be appreciated.

  8. I'm bowing to you. And not just over that funky doll dress, but that too! You are Wonder Woman!

  9. Gorgeous quilts Beth. Even better up close and personal. Nice seeing you tonight.

  10. My goodness, you must have been a whirling dervish to get all of that done! And the wonderful little vintage dress - love it! Enjoy the faces of the recipients when they get their gorgeous gifts, made with love.

  11. You've really been cranking them out girl! Great job! I know that you are going to make some young ladies very happy!!

  12. Wow Beth the quilts are beautiful! Did you quilt them on your sewing machine??

  13. You certainly outdid yourself June.
    They are lovely and I do like the pieced fabric for the backing.

  14. Well done! Both quilts are lovely and will surely be most appreciate. It will be fun to watch them open the gifts. I love that block with stripes, and pieced backs are just fun. You are so right... queen size quilts are big and heavy. You deserve a rest.

  15. Your disappearing four patch is absolutely stunning! The more and more I see this quilt put together, the more I love it. Beautiful! And good for you with all that hard work.

  16. Wow. Your quilts are gorgeous and my heart skipped a beat with your little flower jacket. :o)

  17. Great quilts : ) wonderful gifts!

  18. Two amazing finishes...congratulations!

  19. i can't help but coming back and having another look. the stripes really do the disappearing 4 patch good... they're a perfect match...

  20. I like them both, but I have to admit your striped one is pure inspiration to me. I want to do this! now, go get yourself some sleep ~

  21. I especially like all the stripes in one quilt...very striking.

  22. Fantastic!! What a huge accomplishment! They are so different, yet both just lovely. I'm sure the girls will love and cherish them forever...

  23. Both quilt are wonderful. I especially love the striped one. Beautiful job!

  24. you are AMAZING! two queen size quilts for showers?!?! how wonderful! i love the pieced backs. way to be frugal AND they look so so good!

    thanks for linking up to finish it up Friday!


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