Sunday, February 24, 2019

Monday Making

I took a break on table mats this week.
I was happily sucked into a quilt along.
I haven't joined one of these for a very long time!
This one caught my attention.

I am hoping to brush up on my applique!

This first block was a challenge for me...but...
I was like a dog with a bone!!
I couldn't sit still until it was D.O.N.E!!!

Now...I have to wait until Wednesday for the next installment.
I thought the second pattern would come out LAST WEDNESDAY!
Oh boy, was I disappointed when I found out I had the wrong day.

While I wait I've been working on this old UFO.

The vintage dresden plates were all appliqued.
They JUST needed some sashing.

At first I thought I'd be sashing with one color
and using another color for cornerstones.
This quilt was calling for SCRAPS!!!

I may add borders to top and bottom to make it twin sized.
Time will tell!
I'll let it simmer a bit.
What are YOU making this week???

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Monday Making

Meet Table mat number EIGHT!

My goal is the end is IN SIGHT.

I've been having a little trouble figuring out what
COLOR, THEME or HOLIDAY to use as my inspiration
as I construct each one.
I want to have a nice selection for ALL kinds of tastes
since they will be auctioned off.

This time my scrap basket rescued me!

I was digging around in the scraps for ANOTHER project
and came across a few orphans that looked like THIS:
This example is a bit it didn't "make the cut"
But I think you can get the idea.

I used ALL the usable triangles
to make the table mat.

It worked out beautifully!

I have no idea where these little leftovers came from
or WHAT the quilter was making with them.
I DID find a way to piece puzzle them together into something
I'm pretty proud of!


What are YOU making this week??

I'm hoping inspiration will STRIKE AGAIN over here
and I can add that NINTH table mat 
to the STACK!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Monday Making

Another week...
Another table mat!

Isn't this one sweet?
And it somehow ended up getting finished
the week of VALENTINES day!
How did that happen???

I made a similar table mat last year.
This year I made the hearts SCRAPPY.
The best kinds of quilts are filled with lots of SCRAPS!

I also finished a toddler sweater.
This has been sitting in the TO DO pile for quite a while now.
ALL the pieces were done.
They just needed to be joined together and then...
The ribbing around neck and front button bands had to happen.

Just like quilts
Knitting has it's STAGES.
Sometimes the stage gets placed on PAUSE!

I'm always excited to finish projects.
That means I can DREAM and PLAN for the NEXT ONE!!!!

That's what I'm doing this week.
What are YOU making 
Dreaming about making???

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Monday Making

I am on a roll!
This is table mat #seven.

I used Instructions from Temecula Quilt Co
One Block Wednesday quilt along going on now.

The black and white scraps are very striking!

This week I hope to begin another table mat.
My goal is TEN!

Maybe I'll try a Heart theme.....

What are YOU making?