Sunday, February 10, 2019

Monday Making

Another week...
Another table mat!

Isn't this one sweet?
And it somehow ended up getting finished
the week of VALENTINES day!
How did that happen???

I made a similar table mat last year.
This year I made the hearts SCRAPPY.
The best kinds of quilts are filled with lots of SCRAPS!

I also finished a toddler sweater.
This has been sitting in the TO DO pile for quite a while now.
ALL the pieces were done.
They just needed to be joined together and then...
The ribbing around neck and front button bands had to happen.

Just like quilts
Knitting has it's STAGES.
Sometimes the stage gets placed on PAUSE!

I'm always excited to finish projects.
That means I can DREAM and PLAN for the NEXT ONE!!!!

That's what I'm doing this week.
What are YOU making 
Dreaming about making???


  1. What a perfect Valentine's project! Very Cute!

  2. Love your heart mats. What a great little sweater. I like making those small size sweaters. I can get them done in a reasonable time! That pink is so cute.

  3. The Valentine mat is very sweet but I LOVE the sweater, how cute!

  4. The Valentine table topper turned out beautifully!

  5. Both are great finishes for the week, Beth. Your mat is lovely and that sweater is just fabulous.

  6. What a beautiful sweater, I'm impressed. I really mean that. Thank you for the linky party.

  7. I love that Valentine's table topper!

  8. Love your heart quilt! And you are correct, knitting also has its stages. I have an afghan that needs sewn together. It has been a while and it probably will be longer before I get myself in gear.

  9. Ooooh, I love to knit, too! Cute sweater. Sewing those pesky side seams is always a pain and I also put that off as long as I can! A raglan sleeve is my favorite...less seams to sew.

  10. Great finishes both! I am trying to get my Valentine's table topper done, it might not make the 14th. LOL

  11. Hi Beth, that's a very lovely valentine's table topper!

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