Thursday, May 12, 2011

impulse buy

As I was shopping yesterday
in a discount department store, TJmax,
I came across this bottle of linen spray.

It was affordable.....$5.
I figured I'd give it a shot.
It probably cost as much as it would
for me to buy the ingredients to make it from scratch.

It does smell nice.
Now....I'm wondering how it compares to
the name brands!!!!
Ooooh! I wish I wasn't so curious!
My curiousity is actually tempting me
to purchase two more brands and do
an ironing test!!!
I know.
That would be kind of silly.
Or would it???

It IS making my ironing smell sweeter.

And these pretty flowers.....

are making my morning coffee
A little bit sweeter too!!!


  1. If you like the scent and it makes ironing more fun/enjoyable... I say GO FOR IT!

    I've not tried any of the scented linen sprays... is it just the scent or does it have starch or something in it?

  2. I like the Lavender Best Press - pricey , but it works wonderfully as starch, smells great, and makes me enjoy that part of the quilting process. If we are frugal in other parts of quilting - don't we deserve to treat??

  3. Please do a comparison, I'd love to know if the $$ I spend is worth it.

  4. Not so silly... as more products become available, it's not a bad idea to compare results, costs. etc. The aroma of ones like this are right up there in the plus column though.

  5. And reading your blog is making my day sweeter!


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