Sunday, May 26, 2013

One week

A week of fun...for sure....for sure!
(flowers in Kew Gardens)

One week of amazing sights and sounds!

One week of travel.
One week of handwork.
Just a little bit!!!

Even a little bib
as I Experimented with my crotchet hook!

A few stitches on the trains and planes.

One week of WALKING my legs off!!!
Here's a little sign I spied as I walked through Greenwich.

Oh yes!
You can BET I walked in!

Found some lovely remnants.

Just right for bags and pillows.

Pretty, pretty pieces.

One week of inspiration!

Wrought iron at the Victoria and Albert museum.

A WONDERFUL exhibit that inspired me with
ALL the design possibilities!!!! 
My mind was on FABRIC, of course.

Even spied some FUN fabric creations in the shop!!!
and ALL ready to zoom along with Ms. Juki!

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