Thursday, May 30, 2013

the BACK story

One thing I know about baby quilts.

They're always JUST a little too big.
You can't use just ONE piece of fabric for the backing.
That 40 some odd Inch is NEVER enough.
You always need a SEAM somewhere.

A golden opportunity
to add a CUTE little piece of fabric!
These little pieces were gifted to me
LAST year.
Why is it that it takes me a WHOLE year
to use
fabric that's been gifted to me???
I think I need to hold it CLOSE for a while
before I can LET IT GO!

I made this quilt top here.
It's now been quilted up
and ready for the BABY shower!!!
Is everyone YOU know having babies
and getting married????
Makes this quilter
a Busy...busy....busy girl!!!

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