Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Peaceful village

My little baby quilt with houses is now complete.
I'm Soooo in love with this quilt!
Houses! Trees! Stars!
and LOTS of swirls.

The little village is peacefully resting
in a gentle breeze!!!

As you can see here...
I've used my red gingham sheet again!!!
This sheet is like the fabric that NEVER ends!!
It looks good as a binding on so many quilts!!!
I'll keep using it
and keep LOOKING for another
red gingham sheet!!!

It's Tuesday, and I've crossed another quilt off my list!
My quilt top pile is a little bit lighter!!!!
I have a big TRIP planned for next week...
How much sewing can I accomplish
while I make plans????
That is the question!
A little sewing...
A little planning....
A little dreaming.....
A little more sewing!!!
I'll have some time to roam around on my own while I'm there.
Dear husband will be in a couple of meetings.
I'd love to get some LONDON tips from you!

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