Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Getting a quilt prepared today.
Thought it was done...
Then I decided this morning to add
TWO MORE borders!
I like the fabrics that POPPED out of the cupboard.
They seem to TIE it all together!

I've been using 505 spray recently.
This can is empty...
so I needed some more.
Thank goodness for AMAZON prime!
Love shopping without leaving home.
I've Pinned.
 I've sprayed with EVERY product
known to quilters.
I've even used BASTING stitches!
505 is My favorite right now.

Here was the thinking that went into the borders.
It requires a LARGE floor area
and a myriad of STASH fabrics
taking turns next to the quilt top!
I hit on these two early on in the process.
Thank goodness!

I took a little TOUR of my husband's garden
this morning....

When it comes to FRESH....
He's got us COVERED!

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