Saturday, June 1, 2013

Helpful Hints

This quilt is READY for Sarah's Hands2help
quilt drive! Whoo hoo!!!
As I worked to get it finished
I realized I had some ideas for a speedy finish to share.

As I looked for binding...
I was thankful I had this little organizer FILLED.
I contains 2 1/2" strips for bindings.
(leftovers from projects + strips that were rejects.)
It also contains, STARTING at the top...
a 2" square drawer.
2 1/2" square drawer.
3" drawer...
3 1/2"
4-5" drawer
2 1/2" strips!!!
This little organizing tool helps me out
more often than NOT!
This binding is a FUN mix of pinks.
Perfect for a scrappy quilt
I didn't have to search through my stash to find it!

The second little tip I want to share is this.....
Watch OUT for cotton sheets!
You never knowWHERE you might find them
They make the PERFECT backing!
I happened to have THIS one just WAITING.....

for the RIGHT quilt!!!
Do YOU have any speedy tips to add???
Have a GREAT weekend.

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