Monday, September 14, 2009

Another Baby Quilt!
Super simple squares.
Flannel on the front and a cotton on the back.

I never buy fabric for these little quilts,
so I have quite a time trying to figure out
what goes with what!
But I do like a challenge!

My flannel fabric all comes from the $1 "pile"
at a local fabric store that tries to sell all that
OLD fabric that nobody wanted.
Usually the pieces in the pile are 1 yard or less.
Now I have a fabric "pile" at my house
that I try to use up!
I really like the way that plaid binding helps
PERK up this quilt.
I also got a couple of little gifts this weekend!
I was so surprised to receive
TWO little somethings from
TWO friends within
24 hours!

a fabric gift.
isn't this cute?

As you can see it's a little girl's dress...
but the fabric is the best!
I may CUT it UP!

Then another girlfriend gave me this!
Isn't it sweet?

I might HAVE to cut this up too.....
OR...I could do minimal cutting
and make a super cute apron!

Thanks friends!


  1. Love the baby quilt! So cute. Isn't it nice to receive little gifties.

  2. Simple patterned quilt, yes. But you sure do have an eye for placement and color. This one is "lullaby sweet!"

  3. Mama Pea...
    thanks for naming this one. I sure struggle with that part sometimes!

  4. So simple and so beautifull, I need to do something like that.

  5. I had a dress made of similar fabric in the baby quilt years ago. I loved that dress.
    I think that piece that your girlfriend gave you is really pretty- an apron or a pretty pillow sham (would last longer)

  6. Beth, you are amazing! Love it!


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