Sunday, September 6, 2009

fun fabric!

While I was away quilting last week I did something every quilter does...
I shopped for fabric!
Every good quilter shops for fabric...
especially when she's with other quilters!
We oohed and aahed about everyone's purchases.
What FUN!

I bought all this fabric at a
GREAT Shop called
Back Porch Fabric
in Pacific Grove, California.

Most of it came in little pre-cut bags.
I love little packages of fabric.
I also love scraps of fabric!

Isn't this one great?!
I only got a little bit....
wonder what I'll make with it?

These pieces came together in a bag.
Love the flowers on the left!

And this is what I worked on last week
when I didn't want to think about
story quilts.

I bought the fabric during the week
and made these simple log cabins.

Another baby quilt.
Ready to be quilted and gifted to
a sweet little boy sometime!

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  1. LOVE the baby quilt. Your simple placement of colors in the center squares is inspired . . . makes the quilt.

    The flower print (4th picture down) is lovely. Reminds me of chintz-covered chairs in a house on Cape Cod in the spring time. (How's that for a working imagination so early in the morning?)


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