Tuesday, September 29, 2009

lone star

Here's what I did ALL day yesterday...
or so it felt like.
I quilted...
and quilted...
and quilted.
The top has been done now for a few months
But, the quilting wasn't.
I had this quilt top waiting in the wings,
waiting for me to come up with some GREAT
quilting technique...
but it never happened.
I was never inspired.

Soooo I finally went ahead and just quilted it all over with
some swirls.
No marking for me!
I like the binding.
Thought I would be using RED,
but when I looked at the red it just wasn't right.

This is how I made this quilt.
I used newspaper!
Cut my star points.
Every star began with a white center that I
tacked down with a little glue stick.
(I wouldn't recommend this because the
ink from the paper got on some of my whites.)
Maybe plain newsprint would work better!
Then I just added strips of red, white and blue
any size......
all the way across those star points.

You can see here the center of the starts all have a white strip.
The rest of the strips ALL came from
my scraps!
I know.....too many scraps at my house.
I still have more! oh no!
After all the star points were done...
I DID have to rip off all that paper on the back!
I enjoyed getting this off my to do list.
I love this quilt.
And I enjoyed the process.
Here's the beginning of a new quilt.
Same process.
Different sized shapes.

The backs of those pieces.
You can see how I sewed right through the paper.
For those NON quilters out there.
That's called Paper piecing....

If you're a real detective, you can figure out
what month it was when I started these by
checking out the movie ads on the back there. :)


  1. WOW girl....this is a knock out quilt!!! I am just Ga-Ga over it!!!

  2. Beautiful!! What a gorgeous way to use scraps. :)

  3. Looks maybe a titch fussy for me to tackle but I LOVE how it came out. Sort of like a cross between fireworks and a peek into a kaleidoscope. Really like the bold colors. You're amazing . . . your brain must hold more ideas than the average person.

  4. I love you quilt too Beth. You are amazing!


  5. Wondeful! I really like it!...but how did you make the background? It's beautiful!

  6. quiltycat
    I did the background the same way...strip piecing on newspaper. The areas around the star are either squares or triangles. I just measured the paper first and started sewing!

  7. Your quilt is very pretty! I would love to make something like this one day! Thank you for a nice visit to my blog, and have fun playing with your scrappy Christmas blocks!

  8. Hey Beth, not sure if you have an Ikea close to you or if they have the same stock as Australia but our Ikea has a roll of what I call butchers paper, plain white and cheap and zero newsprint!


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