Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Today I admired my new shawl......
Made with my new LOOM!

It's my very first weaving project....

and I'm so PROUD!

I like looking at it from every direction!

Cooler weather will be here...
and I can't wait!!!

After ADMIRING....

I enjoyed a KNITTING cruise.

I think my knitting friends are
REALLY influencing ME!!!

That LOOM is ALL because of them!

While they knitted....
I got closer to finishing this one!
WOo HOo!!!

We looked at all the yarn at the shop
sponsoring the knitting cruise.
I even met a KNITTING BLOGGER!!!

after looking at all that luscious yarn...

I came home and MADE yarn...
out of T-shirts!!!

Not so luscious.....
But it will do the TRICK!!!

Thinking I might try making a RUG!!!


  1. Wow - you are branching out in all directions!

  2. Beautiful job on the shawl! The t-shirt yarn will make an nice rug. I crocheted a t-shirt yarn rug for my kitchen and it's so thick and cozy.

  3. Your shawl looks great. Looking forward to seeing the T shirt rug. The orange, red & purple will add some zip to the rug.

  4. fabulous shawl! how fun to learn something new...

  5. Cool! Love those pictures...being from that area, I get a little homesick for the water...

  6. Such a pretty shawl! You know I like that 16 patch quilt. Looking forward to seeing a picture of the rug :D

  7. Beth, you are just an amazingly crafty person! Love your shawl, the 16-patch is very pretty and coming along nicely, and what a great idea to make "yarn" out of old t-shirts!!

  8. your shawl is beautiful. makes me want to go out and get a loom!
    I see you made some 'yarn' out of t-shirts. I have some that I had planned to do that so I could make a rug by platting it. How wide did you do the strips....
    I just love coming to your blog to see all the wonderful things you do!

  9. It looks just fabulous. Are you going to weave the t-shirt yarn???

  10. Congratulations on the new loom and the shawl, it's lovely. Great colors in the quilt I'm sure it will be beautiful when it's finished.

  11. So jealous! I bet you had a great time. Wishing I could have gone. Another time I guess!

  12. Wow, beautiful weaving!! Lots of happy times in your part of the world!!

  13. Congratulations of your first wowen shawl, how fabulous! I think branching out in any direction helps us growing, and besides that - it is fun!

  14. It seems you weave as fast as you quilt! It looks lovely.i love the rugs done with tshirts. Can't wait to see yours!
    And how fun, a knitting cruise.

  15. I also weave along with the quilting. Now you need a potholder loom so the weaving will be portable. Love it for t-shirt squares that can be a rug. email me, and I will send a copy of my instruction file. Joan

  16. I would love to see what your loom looks like, Beth. Have been wanting to learn how to weave for a long time. I remember making potholders out of jersey loops at summer camp and selling them door to door for a quarter!

  17. Lovely shawl! And the next project on the loom will be.... Rag rugs? I sent a whole big box of fabric strips that were about 1.5 inches wide to a friend who weaves and she made me a wonderful 10 foot long rag rug for our hallway. It has withstood years of our tramping on it and multiple trips through the washing machine. Anyway, that is one more way to deal with piles of fabric that you don't want to use in a quilt.

  18. Congrats on the finish of the shawl, it's beautiful. The 16 patch is no slouch either. Reading some of the comments I see that weaving and quilting do seem to fit together amazingly well. Can't wait to see how you marry the crafts.

  19. Your shawl is wonderful. You could carry it out to restaurants or for shopping. Sometimes those places are too cold for me... guess I'm that old already. (I still feel like I'm 18 - with a back ache.)
    A knitter's cruise, now I've heard everything. Love the quilting you did. Are you a knitter? I've heard of knitting the plastic shopping bags, but not T-shirts. Those are some yummy colors.

  20. Your shawl looks great and it didn't seem to take too long.
    I crocheted a bathroon mat out of T-shirt yarn a few years ago. It's so easy to look after - I just throw it in the washing machine every couple of weeks. Just one note of caution - (depending on the size you want) it takes A LOT of T-shirts.
    Teresa x

  21. Hi Beth! So nice to meet you on the knit & cruise! Your loom shawl is beautiful! I've book marked your blog and I can't wait to see all your beautiful quilts! I hope you and the other ladies had a great time in Oceanside this weekend on your camping retreat! See you soon! Linda :)

    1. Hi Beth! Thank you for pointing the No Reply thing out! I had no idea! I think I fixed it. Would you mind trying again and letting me know? :)


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