Saturday, November 12, 2011

A gift

A birthday gift.
A simple gift.

I've made a few of these for myself
LOVE "dressing up"
my active kitchen table with them!

I even Handquilted it!
I love the colors!
Hopefully my friend will too!

I included a handpainted necklace in her gift bag....

Because I LOVE wearing mine!

*Hexagon table topper tutorial here.
*Handpainted jewelry shop here.


  1. It's an awesome gift! I would be one happy girl if it were coming my way. :)

  2. What a good friend you are Beth. Both are lovely.

  3. Wow, what a lucky friend! I love the little mat and I just went and lusted after those necklaces.

  4. Your table topper is adorable, I came over from Allie's blog. Thanks for sharing the tutorial, this is a great pattern to make Christmas gifts for friends and family.

  5. Thanks for sharing with us the present you made for your friend. And thank you for the tute, which I'd never seen before. I spent a couple hours today making two of them in Christmas prints for gifts! Have only to add binding to call them done. I really appreciate you sharing this idea.

  6. Sweet table topper. Lovely jewelry. Nice gift :D

  7. Can I be your friend?!

    It's lovely!

  8. Of course your friend will love it. How could she not? :)

  9. Just lovely! I'm inspired to make some of these for my own table...

  10. She is sure to love this heart felt gift.

  11. love the table topper. I want to try making one.
    I enjoy visiting your blog. You have such good taste and seem to know what goes with what. I would appreciate it if you would give me a little advice on a dresden plate wall hanging I am working on.
    My blog is
    if you have time, please comment and let me know what you think.

  12. How blessed your friend is to receive such lovely gifts! I just found your blog and really enjoying it and will be visiting often. You are indeed very talented.


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