Friday, November 18, 2011

I ate my words.

I told myself ....
"I'm not going to make any holiday gifts or 
seasonal crafts this year."
My friends and I have ENOUGH!
I know that sounds strange coming from a
CRAFTY blogger. :)
Life is BUSY.
I wanted to TAKE OFF the pressure.
FOCUS on the important stuff.

 I was doing really good until I saw this.
Then I tried one snowflake...
I was hooked.

It was a fairly easy project.
I used some old red fabric that had
little gold dots on one side.
I didn't like those sparkly dots....
so I used the backside!

The lime green is linen.
I love linen on the table.

Guess what this is on the back????

I even had some lime green cotton
that matches almost perfectly
for the binding!
Woo Hoo!
Another project
spending A DIME!

Sometimes it's FUN to eat your words.

And you know what???
I'll probably EAT my WORDS
a FEW more times before CHRISTMAS.
There are just TOO many inspiring things
floating around BLOGLAND!

I'll try NOT to get too
DISTRACTED on the FUN things
and TRY to focus on the

Do you have this FOCUS problem
sometimes too??

I realized AFTER
fiddling with ironing selvages for this project
that I have a very BIG roll of
white bias tape that would have worked
REALLY well.
NO fiddling.
NO pressing.
I'll try to remember to use it next time!

I wonder if there'll BE a next time??
I think there will!
Thanks for the tutorial on these snowflakes Riel!

I used 6" squares for the snowflakes.
3" wide strips for the sashing.

I'm loving my new table runner!

Adding this post to some show and tells today
over at.....
 AmandaJean's, Sarah's, Karen's and Amy's blogs.
Seems there are LOTS of parties in blogland!


  1. You are having fun with your quilting and that's an important step many forget. I don't think that is a focus problem.

  2. Love it Beth! Simply beautiful. Is it mean to say I'm kinda hoping you'll eat your words again and again and again? hee hee

    Seriously love seeing what you make. You're sew inspiring!

  3. Do you even live anywhere near snow? I didn't think so. Maybe that tablerunner would be happier up here in the great white's lovely and I think I'm inspired to try one...but maybe with the bias tape.

  4. I love this and need one for my own house. Guess I have to add it to the infinately growing to do list!

    The green looks gorgeous with the red. I wouldn't normally think of a lime green for xmas but it totally works.

  5. I saw that tutorial and yes I get distracted when I see things. I just finished telling myself this week that I have to slow down because I'm feeling a little over whelmed--one of those weeks.
    It is such a pretty runner that I think it was worth it. I'll resist this one while I'm tryig to finish some other gifts.

  6. Ooohh...I like this a lot. Now you will definitely have to make another one since you found that extra bias tape!

  7. Mwhahahahahahaha !!!!! Gotcha. hee, hee. It looks so great -- crisp and fresh and Christmasy !!!!

  8. No wonder you needed to make it, I love the snowflakes, they look like fun. The green linen is wonderful.

  9. Love it Beth. I think I also would use the bias tape next time.

  10. So cute! You have a great stash!

  11. Beth, I love love love this runner! Thanks for posting a link to the tutorial, too! Whoop whoop!!

  12. Absolutely beautiful! Now I need to make one too...

  13. It's great! And sometimes you just have to do what you're in the mood to do! (Yes, I have that focus thing going on, too. lol)

  14. What a great runner! And thanks for linking to the tutorial!

  15. What a great job you did on such a pretty runner!

  16. uhoh those are really too darn cute!! I think I'm going to have to add this one to my holiday sewing list, I love it!!

  17. This is so fun & festive! I think you can forgive yourself for wandering off the path for this too cute project!

  18. Oh, this is so beautiful! I'm glad that you ate your words. :-)

  19. Good thing you ate your words. It is beautiful. Hugs

  20. Those colors are SOOOO timeless!! Lovin' it!!

  21. Those are really too cute, Well, I think I'm going to have to add this one to my holiday sewing list, It is so easy to make without cutting any corners.

  22. oh my goodness these snowflakes are so cool...this looks amazing

  23. This is beautiful!!!

  24. This is so fun Beth!!! I can see why you had a hard time resisting this project. Love the shade of green!

  25. wow...this looks gorgeous...i love that red and green combo

  26. Just now seeing this—I love it! How could you not break down and make one? So festive and fun—just lovely.


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