Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Little Black Bag

I've been shopping for a black bag.
Every time I see one I think about the black scraps I have at home.
I think...
I can MAKE a black bag.
Why BUY when I can MAKE???

I thought about it MANY times...
and FINALLY today I
DID SOMETHING about it!!!!

I did not use a pattern.
I measured the bag I've been using
and just made one similar in size
with the same sort of handles!

I almost CUT the handles OFF
my current bag so that I could use the rings...
I chickened OUT!!!!

What if I want to use my current bag again????
It's kind of worn out...
but you never know.....

Instead I used some "D" rings I had in my stash.

Here's the back.
I'm almost OUT of heavy black and gray scraps!
Oh no! ;)

I added some hexagons I made WAY back here!
That silk hexagon quilt is
That's o.k.
I DO like having a little jar filled with silk hexagons.
I can Whip them OUT at times like this!

Lining and a pocket with velcro!!!

Here's what's left of the wool pants I used!
One leg had already been used for a prior project.
Now we've got some HOT pants!


  1. Very nice up-cycle project. Gotta love using the stash shopping!

  2. LOVE it! You're my hero!! How many times have i thought that--but never followed through--way to go!

  3. Your bag turned out great! It doesn't look like scraps at all. It looks like a fine designer handbag.

  4. That's great -- I love the hexagons!

  5. Stylish! You did a great job of inventing the bag as you went. The little hexagons add a spot of color. And you are near the end of your black/gray scraps? I thought that never happened!

  6. You are so clever! This turned out great. I love the hexie embellishment.

  7. Fabulous bag. The hexies just set it off. Any woman would pay good money for a bag like that. ( here speaks a lover of bags)

  8. Talented you! Looks like a designer bag to me :D
    Good job!

  9. Go the hotpants, LOL! Impressive bag. I love the challenge of making things from availability. Favourite saying - What do I have in my hand?" (or cupboard, shelf, drawer)


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