Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy Corduroy DAY!!!

November 11, 2011

I thought I'd be celebrating corduroy day with an OLD quilt top
given to me long ago.
Lots of corduroy squares....sewn together.....
Just a flimsy.......
Coming apart at the seams.....


No quilt was to be found.

I'm guessing I donated it
in a spurt of cleaning.
I do that ONCE in a while.

Since I couldn't find the OLD one.
I had to make a NEW one!

Since I got such a late start....
I can only share this BEGINNING.

I LOVE this quilt
and hope to let it GROW!

I'm imagining LOTS of yarn knots...
ALL over the top!!!!

I may even invite friends to a
You know....
Everyone sitting around the table tying
Yarn KNOTS all over the quilt!!!!

What color should the Ties be???
Maybe I'll even make some cookies for the occasion!
A chocolate cake!!!
Better get this one DONE...
I love a PARTY!

Since today's national Corduroy Day..
Nifty's organized a GREAT QUILT SHOW.
Head over and see some more quilts!


  1. I've been collecting corduroy for a quilt - gosh it was once 'frowned' at for quilts, but now with the thinner wale and colors and patterns - just gotta love it. Just such a fun quilt and I like black for ties and a party sounds like fun too.

  2. It looks great so far! I hope it keeps growing until its big enough to cuddle with. A party sounds like fun! I vote for black ties - would that be a black tie party?? hee hee! How about lots of colors for the ties?!

    I made a corduroy quilt too. Come visit my blog!

  3. I love how this quilt looks so far! I've got several pieces of corduroy that I thrifted a couple years never occured to me that I could throw them into a quilt. Great idea!

    My vote is for black ties, also.

  4. Great colors! Now I want to make a corduroy quilt!

  5. Great COLOR! the pics JUMP off the screen! Love it! that Orange and red, yum! I wish I had tied mine off!

  6. Beth! This is gorgeous!
    I vote for yellow ties!

  7. My tie vote goes for the green or aqua . . . something that will show up against the vivid corduroy colors. It is going to be WONDERFUL!!

    (p.s. be sure to make a few of those party cookies without nuts for those of us who have to be careful . . . )

  8. Love these rich colors! Am wanting to see some gold ties for a sparkle.

  9. Beth, I LOVE your quilt! Your mix of shapes and unexpected colors really makes this fabulous! So glad you could play along. I'll look forward to seeing it tied. I really enjoyed tying mine, so soft to touch. I'm sure your friends would have fun joining you. Save the wales!

  10. Oh do the ties in black.......what a beauty it... looks so velvety and soft. Great colors!
    Wish I was close enough to come for cake and tying :0).

    Happy Sewing

  11. These colors are fabulous! I love the way this quilt is coming together. So bright and exciting.

  12. Yellow ties came straight to my mind!! Beth, This quilt is gorgeous! It's so happy and bright. The triangles really keep your eyes moving around the quilt. Absolutely wonderful!!

  13. A Tie Party! Brilliant idea!
    Brilliant quilt, too! I love the sprig-y, calico-like corduroys and the vivid solids. Corduroy makes for a lush quilt, doesn't it?

  14. Wow, that looks complex for corduroy. You're a braver woman than I! Be sure to show us the party and the finished quilt. ;- )

  15. Electric is the word that comes to mind. What an exciting play of colors and shapes. Glad you "lost" the original quilt. Just think, we wouldn't have had the pleasure of seeing THIS!!
    If I lived closer I'd invite myself to your tie party. I'd even bring the cake.

  16. This is great. Love how the reds/orange play with the aqua/black and print.

  17. Have you considered tying it with buttons? I think it would look great with black buttons and different colors of floss.

  18. Very bright and cheerful....I think everyone would come to a tie party if there were cookies or cake...I know I would! Love the colorfulness and large pattern.

  19. What a fun quilt!
    How about red ties in the black & black ties in the red?

  20. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! the colors and dynamic piecing are really sharp!

  21. Wow! Those are all cordoroy? What fun!!


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