Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday finish

This was NOT on my "To Do" list today.

But I couldn't resist finishing it up!
I even have some of my friend's stitches in here!
She began the hand quilting for me yesterday
when she had finished her own project!

I loved being able to add a few of my OLD buttons.

I couldn't resist goofing around this morning....
and It's all Moda's fault!

They should NEVER have sent me
this little tiny package!!!!


  1. What a cute little table topper - recognized the ButterCup cuz I just love that line. A sweet way to use those mini charms - And the handstitching and old buttons give a little 'vintage' look to it.

  2. Thats a beautiful line of fabric. I was wondering what to do with my little stash of fabric from Moda, mine is christmas prints...I really like what you did and I may have to do the same thing. I really love the buttons!!

  3. Beautiful table runner! Great idea for using those tiny little charms we received.

  4. Oh, so did a wonderful job...wish it were mine! Have a good weekend, you have earned it for sure!

  5. It is a lovely little quilt, I like the use of the white and the buttons.

  6. What a good idea, making a table runner! And it came out so cute.

  7. I love the colour combination in this table runner. The contrast quilting and buttons add lovely finishing touches!
    Teresa x


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