Monday, April 18, 2011


It's Monday.
The beginning of a busy week!
How about you? Do you have those busy weeks too?
I DID finish this quilt top, though!

I love it.

It's going to a very deserving boss.
I have no idea what colors she would like...
but this has LOTS of color!
I'm sure she'll like ONE of them! ;)

This is the perfect border fabric, don't you think?
I found it in my stash.
JUST enough too!!!

What does it mean when you have the
PERFECT fabric in your stash???
It can only mean

You have WAY too much fabric!!!


  1. That's a great quilt and a perfect border.

  2. It looks like you planned to use that border all along.

  3. Oh, that is perfect!! No, you can never ever have too much fabric. NEVER. (I have not been buying much fabric in the last year or so. I guess you can have too much fabric after all.)

    LOVE that quilt!

  4. It is just gorgeous, Beth! And when I have just the perfect fabric in my stash, it means that God knew exactly what we would need and made sure it was there!!

  5. No, no, no! It means you have just the right amount in your stash... and the piece was just the right size. I always try to buy too much, so I'll have some left over for another project. If I'm meant to live until I use it up then I'll be living to be 500!
    I love your quilt. It has a very woven look, and the colors are great! Good job.

  6. Beth... the quilt is incredibly beautiful... I love it so much that I think I'm going to have to make one like it... Congratulations on such a fantastic finish!

  7. Girl, you are really wicked fast at whipping out quilts!! I am in awe of you! :)

  8. GREAT Quilt! I love the way it came out and the border is fabulous. The perfect match. And you can never have too much fabric in a stash . . . really, don't say that stuff out loud! hahaha.

  9. The border is perfect! What a lovely gift, and your boss will never see another one like it; truly unique.

  10. Its just perfect....I do love having fabric on hand for when I want to create........stash is good!

    Will this get quilted too?

    Happy Sewing

  11. This is an awesome color play quilt. Yes, that border fabric found the perfect home.

  12. I am so fascinated with this quilt top! Great job, Beth!!

  13. WOW! That is perfect! Awesome Job! Jenn

  14. Your border fabric is just perfect!!! What a wonderful quilt!!

  15. That is a perfect border and I love it too.

  16. your border fabric is perfect around it! lovely!

  17. I'm not sure there really is such a thing as TOO much fabric in your stash.....
    too much implies frivolity doesn't it???
    and you're far from frivolous!!!
    love what you do

  18. Your quilt is beautiful, Beth. The border is perfect! It was meant to be. And all the colors play well together.
    I didn't know one could have too much fabric in their stash :D

  19. I'm sure she will love all of them, it is wonderful! It reminds me of a crowded city, probably because I love city quilts.-)

  20. It turned out so well!!! Had you seen one before or was it a let's see what happens idea? I've just seen your post at Amy's creative side - congrats!!!

  21. I was looking forward to seeing this and it certainly doesn't disappoint. As soon as I saw the border I thought it was perfect, even before I read it.
    Teresa x

  22. This quilt is beautiful! Love your blocks.

  23. Wow. What a beautiful quilt. You did a great job. Hugs.

  24. Love the way this turned out. The woven look is so great in a quilt, and yours is so unique that I could enjoy looking at it for hours!

  25. What a wonderful quilt. Thanks for showing us your blocks completed.


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