Friday, April 15, 2011


Polka dots and Plaid........
A WINNING combination!!!
This is the very last little quilt going to Japan.
I just loved these Happy blocks I received
and knew they had to be a baby quilt!!!!

I also got word yesterday that I WON a prize!!
A silly prize....
But I'm not complaining...

The most esteemed fastest quilter in the land award!!!!
Awarded to me by Michele!
Thank you Michele!

The Prize package includes:

No Laundry today!

No Cooking today!

She also added a 5 yard shopping spree
to buy fabric I DON't need.

I've decided to trade the shopping trip in for
a history making event!!!

I'm going to see a movie.
You know the kind of movie where you
BUY a ticket!
Eat popcorn, if you want to!
See upcoming movies..... they still do that???
It's been so long since I've gone!!!!

Here I come!


  1. Yes the little polka dot quilt is so cute! Enjoy your day Beth!

  2. It turned out so cute! I want to do one with polka dots, flowers and stripes!

  3. Oh, be sure and tell me how you like it - I really want to see that movie!! Have fun!!

  4. Polka dots just make me SMILE!

    Congrats on winning such a FABulous prize package!!! And have a BLAST at the movies!

  5. Enjoy your day & a full report on Jane Eyre please!
    Polka dots and plaids are a winning combination. I like florals with plaids, too.


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