Saturday, April 2, 2011

quilts and books

I DID get to sew some on my jelly roll yesterday!

I began by making some blocks like the one above....

I added some white.
What a difference WHITE makes!!!

I love to experiment.
I like to begin a quilt and not REALLY know where it's going!
Kind of like reading a book
and NOT reading the ending first!!

I'm usually pleasantly surprised with the ending!
Not always!
But I think it's fun!!!

Do you like reading the ending of a book first...??
Following a pattern so you know the ending of a quilt first??...

How about reading three books at once?? neither.
THREE quilts at once...
that's another story!!!!


  1. I rather listen to books - don't have time to read. That is really weird as I have a very similiar quilt going, but using muslin instead of white. Yes, I can understand 3 quilts going at one time - even more.

  2. You are a quilting machine, girl friend! *lol* And yes, I've had three going at one time as well...

  3. I do occasionally read the end of a book first, but I don't like to follow patterns, LOL. And I always have three (or more!) books going at once and a lot more than that in quilts! :)

  4. I like to read three books at once, but not know the ending. I like to know the ending of my quilts, but I could not do three quilts at once.

  5. I agree with you Beth about the WOW. Makes everything shine!

  6. i too prefer to just let it happen (for me i'm not too sure it always turns out as good as i would have liked it to) rather than a pattern - where i know the outcome.

    yes, i've had a few on the go... depends on the mood!!

    lovely as always!!

  7. Lol! Love that last photo! and adding the white to your jelly roll looks wonderful!! Good point about the books!

  8. i have read multiple books at a time. I always have at least one in the car for emergeny reading and usually one at work for a rainy day lunch and now I have a Nook so thats the occasional three. But the real kicker is listening to multiple books at the same time with the same reader. It takes multitasking to a whole new level.

  9. I love your jelly roll quilt! The white really sets it off. I am guilty of following a pattern to a T almost all of the time. I let loose and do my own thing once it comes to the quilting part though. I also wanted to tell you how much I like those flying geese in your last post. That quilt will be awesome, I'm sure.


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