Wednesday, April 6, 2011

God Cares

The Bible says...
"And the very hairs of your head are all numbered"
Matt. 10:30

I found out TODAY that even
"The very quilts in your House are all numbered!!"

I received the PERFECT amount of donated batting for

I received the PERFECT amount of backing fabric
for our quilts to Japan!!!!

Mainly thanks to a friend in blogland....Nancy!!!

I'm on my hands and knees trimming batting...
God cares about it ALL....doesn't he?

It gives me peace knowing these quilts will end up in
JUST the RIGHT home....
at JUST the RIGHT time....
Somewhere in


  1. God truly is amazing...His work is seen in so many ways....Have been praying here in Australia that God would bless the work that you and all the quilters have done in sending in their blocks... so was wonderful to hear that you have enough supplies to complete all the quilts...

  2. Thanks for sharing, Beth. The quilts are looking so great!

  3. God bless you. You are a blessing to so many people.

  4. What lovely sentiments!
    Bless you!

  5. They are going to be so special Beth.

    I was just reading today ( Wall Street Journal) that this is the beginning of the school year in Japan and all the schools in Rikuzentakata are " packed with evacuees" Seven of their 18 schools will not be able to reopen. 1000 students in this area are still missing. Hopefully these quilts will arrive and offer some comfort to these youngest victims. for photos of the tsunami-hit schools.

    Bless you Beth and Happy Sewing


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