Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I'm on a retreat committee.
We plan a spiritual retreat every year for about 80-100 ladies
and it's happening THIS weekend!
This is NOT a money making venture...
but we want it to be nice!

What do you put in the little goodie bags that:
Doesn't cost much of anything?
That says WELCOME?
That says We're glad you came??

Oh.....and that isn't for a QUILTER.
THAT bag would be EASY!! huh?

You don't put much in.
Today I had an idea!!!

*I cut printer paper into 2 1/2"x4" pieces
*stacked 10 of them together.
*Found some fabric scraps and used my pinking shears
*added a tiny bit of ribbon for a little hook
*Made a seam right across the top!

A cute little pad of paper.
So fun!

I'm kind of in a hurry...
so they're not perfect.
Plus----I have to make more than 80!
But....I'm so happy!!!

So happy to be able to give everyone
a "little something!"
something that uses a little FABRIC!!!
My very favorite thing!!!!

Maybe I'll add some other "little somethings".

I'll put it in a cute little bag!

A plain white bag simply decorated
with rubber stamp and some yarn I happen to have!

Want to come over and help???


  1. Very clever idea - the ladies will love the little pads.

  2. I love your favors. Doesn't everyone love a little something.
    Enjoy the retreat!

  3. Very nice favors! You cannot go wrong by adding bits of chocolate!

  4. Oooh, I love the little notepads! Have some guests coming tonight, guess I'll go make some quick! =)

  5. Yes, please, I would like to come over and make these little cuties!

  6. Cute! And, there can never be too much chocolate.

  7. Those are so cute! I will definitely have to book mark the idea for our next Ladies Retreat (we just had ours last weekend, so it will be a while). Have a wonderful time, and I hope your retreat is wonderful and all those ladies get blessed by your sweet gift!

  8. Yes I'd love to come help you and figure out where all these sweet ideas come from......You clever girl!

    the ladies will be delighted.....but really 100 of them?

    Happy Sewing

  9. So cute!! I'm wishing I could go. Next year, hopefully. I hope you all have a great time and learn a lot.

  10. The notepads are a great idea! Have a wonderful time.

  11. The ladies will love your handmade treat. A bit far for me to come and help, but I know you will get lots of help from your local quilting/crafty friends. Enjoy the retreat.

  12. Those are darling! Great for those that forgot thier own note pads as well. And sugar to keep up with the pace of retreat weekend!

  13. Great idea Beth! I am thinking it would be excellent for small people's birthday party favours.

  14. I would love to help you Beth!!! But considering I am way behind on my blog reading, you are probably already done ;-) Brilliant idea for little favors...going to tuck this idea away for future reference. I have a huge stack of white paper bags like yours, and I do the same thing...don't they make the cutest gift bags?! Enjoy your retreat!


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