Wednesday, April 20, 2011

a little chair

I'm hand quilting some red lines over here.
Boy! Is it relaxing!
I should ALWAYS have a hand quilting project to work on!
But I don't.
Big quilts are kind of intimidating.
Aren't they?
You wonder if you'll EVER get it done!
At least, that's what I wonder
when I'm working on something BIG....

Thank you AAQI for giving me
the opportunity to create.
The opportunity to make a little something.
A little something that might help out.
It IS fun to create isn't it?
What are you CREATING today?


  1. I'm making a happy birthday quilt label to
    give a quilt to my dear friend of 40 years :0)

    I donated two small quilts to AAQI and they made 90.00...what a great feeling:0).

    Happy Sewing

  2. I love this, Beth! So cute. I'm making an Easter dress for my 8 month old grand fun!

  3. I love hand quilting, although I only go as big as lap quilts. If I don't have a quilt on the go, embroidery or cross stitch is near buy to fill that itch. I just boxed up the last of the swaps and goodies that need to be sent out by the end of the month - off to the post tomorrow morning. I have a lap quilt all basted out - but that is going under the machine tomorrow.

  4. That's adorable, Beth! I'm working with some batik blocks that Kate North from Kate's Arty Bits Blog sent me for the quilt ministry - hope to finish tomorrow!

  5. This is so cute, and the red quilting looks just right!

  6. Boy, there's just something about hand quilting. So pretty and artistic. I haven't been working on much, but I'm going to remedy that soon!

  7. Great little quilt there Beth. I'm creating a cleaner house today.

  8. This is the cutest chair ever! I am working on my first hand quilted small piece now. It is very relaxing, but I will have to practice quite a bit more.

  9. I love that chair!!!! and the diamonds down the side! I was a busy worker today but have the next 5 days off to do some creating.

  10. Cute chair! I have a Grandmothers Flower quilt that was made for me 25 years ago and it is hand quilted. There really is something special about hand quilting.

  11. love this little quilt - when can I bid on it??

  12. Just in from an hour in the sun hand sewing binding on a mug rug for a friend. It was very relaxing. Your chair looks good Beth.

  13. Beth your quilt is adorable. My quilt goes into AAQI today. Hugs.

  14. No, sorry - no creating today... boohoo. It's cleaning for company tomorrow.

  15. Hand quilting on small things is very rewarding, isn't it? Big quilts take months, and daily progress is hard to see.
    Your little chair reminds me of the wonky Van Gogh painting at the Art Institue of Chicago. It sits in a bedroom with a wonky bed.


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