Saturday, April 23, 2011

Terrific Triangles!!

I've been receiving some wonderful Flying Geese in the mail.
They're quite a bit bigger than your typical Flying geese.
All of these measure 15" across!!
My Bee Peeps are sending them my way!
Woo Hoo!!!
Aren't they lovely?
Aren't they wild?
Aren't they WONDERFUL???!

I laid them all out...
I'm wondering.....
Do they need/want a border?
Or will they be happy without a border?


Maybe this will help me think.


  1. Oh - yummmm!!! I love the geese without a border - they are terrific blocks.

  2. Beth- they really are terrific triangles. I'm a border quilter. I love adding borders to my quilts and I especially love adding the peep border found here at moda's

  3. they are all together, indeed, the coolist ever! but now for the border. methinks YES! whatever you may decide, with/without will be fab.

  4. I agree, they are wild and wonderful. I think it's a great fun block. Some quilts need borders and others don't, I'm not biased either way.

  5. love that lime green with the red!

  6. The perfect spring quilt! What are you thinking on the border???

  7. They're gorgeous just as they are, but if you add a border, I'd try a deep orangey-red - that color pops out of the triangles at me!

  8. These are definitely wild and wonderful!

  9. I love your use of lime green as a neutral.

  10. What fabulous flying geese. Me thinks no border.

  11. The flying geese top is so colorful! If you do a reddish border, the triangles will pop.
    Sweet table topper :)

  12. Oh, what pretty colors! Lime green is one of those that I like most and the combinations here are amazing.
    I think that a border will give a more finished look.

  13. I think a simple, narrow, plain border would help contain the blocks but wouldn't distract from them. They are just wonderful and should definitely be the star of the quilt. Fun, fun, fun!

  14. Those are the happiest geese I have ever seen! I would audition tone on tone reds or oranges for a narrow border and see how that looks.

  15. These are the gretest geese. I almost used my 5" HSTs to make flying geese, but couldn't resist making a 15" Cactus Flower. Geese never get old. Bonnie

  16. Lovely, wild and wonderful about sums it up from what I can see. I'm curious to see if the red borders will be the addition you need as suggested. I almost wonder if a deep a navy or dark royal might be an interesting look. Looking forward to your solution.

  17. They are such fun geese! Keen to see what you decide!


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