Wednesday, December 15, 2010

sweet houses

Aren't these fun?
Kathleen, Sue, Sara and Kim.....
Your houses look so great together!!
See what good neighbors you are???
I can tell just by get along!

Here are some more from Tara.
Fun. Fun.
Rachael went a little crazy.....
Look at these beauties!
By the way...
She's got a great giveaway going on RIGHT NOW!
Scrappy blocks that some lucky quilter is going to win!!

Well. I'm sure having fun over here...
Checking out the houses.
I'm really trying to keep them all straight!!
I don't want to get the names, addresses and houses
 mixed up before I begin to
put them in groups and distribute them January 1!!!!!

Since some of you are sending more than one block...
There will be MORE winners!!!
Woo HOO!!
You are the sweetest bunch!
I haven't even mentioned the little gifties that some of you include
in your envelope!!!!
DO you KNOW all the warm fuzzies that gives me???
Well. IT DOES!!!

 We've been making some little houses here too..
Can you see that roof sagging on the left????
The two little ones thought decorating these was GREAT FUN!!!
The two big kids thought we should probably try to
FIX that sagging roof....
A hair dryer????


  1. Wow the December postal pixies must be jet propelled. My house has arrived is super quick time Beth, you were right.

  2. I love the new houses! Oh, these are going to all make for the cutest neighborhoods. This has been a fun project. Gosh, those gingerbread houses remind me of when my children made little "gingy" houses,

  3. All the houses look so amazing!! I'm glad you got mine. Thank you for mentioning my give away. I've been overwhelmed by everyones wonderful comments, Once again it proves we really truly are part of such a special neighbourhood!! Those gingerbread houses look good enough to eat!! So what does the hair dryer do?

  4. I love the new house, too and the gingerbread house, too!!
    I hope everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from Spain.

  5. I enjoyed making a house and these are all so wonderful! It must be fun opening the mail every day at your house!

  6. Can you remind me of the size of the houses to make, The size of the square. also. Also, where do I send them to? Thanks!

  7. Rachael: The hair dryer didn't work. :/

  8. Love all the houses....fabric ones and gingerbread ones!!!

  9. What great houses you are receiving!! The gingerbread houses are adorable. I guess you will just have to eat the one with the sagging roof - lol!

  10. the fabric houses and the sweet houses all look wonderful

  11. All the houses look delicious today!

  12. Everything looks gorgeous! My 2 younger are building ginger bread house this week in school~and the older 3 in between finals are rushing over to "help" ~ no matter how old, everybody loves Christmas!

  13. Oh I'm so glad I'm part of the neighborhood.......and thanks again Beth for the chance to win these adorable blocks.......

    Happy sewing and Merry Christmas

  14. Okay, so do you have a "batik" neighborhood or will they be lonely?

  15. My house is in the way. These are wonderful!!
    Your gingerbread houses are almost as cute as those kids.

  16. LOL if I were one of the kids I would have said heck with it I'm eating it! LOL

    What a funny idea to use a hair dryer! Too funny!

  17. Hi, I signed up for this, and then lost your email, so I'm really pleased to have found you again. I have found a bag of orphan house blocks, but they are not big enough. I'll add to them, but not in time to get them to you early January. If I them done and send you a photo you would know they are ontheir way? I could send direct to the winner and savevyou postage?


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