Saturday, December 11, 2010

stitch doodling

I went to visit my sweet Mother-in-law yesterday.
I always have a nice time visiting...
but I do like to sew a little something while I'm talking.

I'm so glad I had this old velvet skirt.
( know where...the thrift store!)
I'd been dreaming about turning it into a pillow someday
and had already cut a nice 15" square out of it.

I picked it up as I ran out the door
And when I got to my MIL's
I began to doodle.
Sewing and talking...
Sewing and talking....
Very nice.

This little project requires so little.
fabric. needle. thread.

It was kind of fun too!
See those little french knots?
When I sat down to visit yesterday I noticed
the fabric had some faint bleached spots!!
Oh NO!!!!
So necessity became the mother of invention!
I began covering them up with knots!!!
The fabric told me what to do!
I like it!!

Now the question is...
Should I keep going with more doodling?
Leave it AS IS???

I also did some doodling last night.....
Getting ready to quilt another quilt.
Thought I'd goof around for a few minutes and
dream about possibilities!!
What a great pair!!!


  1. Great post, Beth! I like all your doodles!!

  2. Love your embroidery. When I was about 10 or 11 years old, I embroidered a picture of a lady on my father's white scarf. He as pretty amazed. I guess that he never wore that thing again.

  3. I smiled big and nodded in agreement as I read your narrative of enjoying stitching while chatting. ME TOO!!!! The delicacy of the stitches on the skirt are pretty and doodling...what a fun word! Happy Saturday and quilting, EM

  4. Cute and clever! You're inspiring me to do some doodling sometime.

  5. What an amazing talent you are Beth!

  6. Beth, I thought of you today while Sean and I were at the craft story. There was a bag of charms, Love and Laugh...I was hoping so bad for Quilt to be in the batch! HOpe your ears were burning as I sent you a Godwink!

  7. Beth, it's great! You make it sound so easy. I love the simplicity of the design.


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