Tuesday, December 14, 2010

red and green

Now I've got a little red to go with my green!!
Just a HOP SKIP and a JUMP
(hand sewing the binding)
and this quilt will be ready for Christmas!!

Let me tell you...
I was so proud of my quilting on this one.
I wanted the family to NOTICE it last night.
I was hiding all the long thread tails as we talked.
Guess what???
No one said anything!
I thought I had done an outstanding job (for me)
on all that quilting.
By the took ALL DAY!!

I stipple quilted green in the green areas,
creamy snowflaky looking designs in the cream centers,
red thread in the yellow and red flower areas,
and then white feathers around the outside cream areas.
Well. I was proud.
I saw Victoria's quilting this morning and was totally
Maybe I'll have to invest in the book she recommends!
I know she got a new camera recently too...
but even in real quilting does not even come close!!

It's good to be humbled once in a while!
I do hope that's the last humbling experience of the day.:/
Here's the lovely linen back.
I found two curtain panels and thought they were
PERFECT for this quilt. :)
They were also the RIGHT price! ($2)
I should rename my blog...
The FRUGAL quilter.
I love a good deal!!!


  1. It's stunning! Your quilting is beautiful!

  2. What a beautiful quilt! Thanks for showing it to us!

  3. You have every right to be proud Beth. It's stunning.

  4. Your quilt is breath taking. Beautiful work! I bought the Gaudynski book (used, at Amazon) and love it. I had taken a two day machine quilting class and they recommended a couple of books (I bought one) but I found Diane's to be much more helpful.

  5. Your quilt is lovely ... very seasonal ... the hand quilting is beautiful & something to be quite proud of!

  6. This quilt is just lovely! The quilting is amazing!!! I'm glad it'll be ready for Christmas.

  7. I love this quilt, Beth! Your quilting looks great! are you kidding me?? family never realizes how good it is.. I shown my husband the cross quilt last night, and he was like, yeah, looks good... and looked back at the tv... I was slightly deflated... But what do they know!
    As my pal shelly says, you only get better at machine quilting if you quilt your own quilts...
    (I send most of mine out... UNLESS I really like them... so I save the ones I like, and each one I quilt, I get a little better and a little better...) It' snot perfect, but it sure looks good!

  8. I talked to Santa and he"s bringing some coal for your family's stockings!! Your quilt is gorgeous - I can't believe how beautiful your quilting is! And changing colors? You over-achiever!! Family really doesn't get it, unless they have made one with you.... that's why you have us!!

  9. It's gorgeous Amanda! What a special Christmas quilt!

  10. Beautiful quilting!!! Love your pillows in the last post too.

  11. No need to be green with envy.......both quilts are just delightful....I'd be thrilled if I could machine quilt as well as you or Victoria...maybe I should practice?

    Beautiful quilt Beth really :0)

    Happy sewing

  12. This quilt is beautiful, Beth! You did a wonderful job quilting it, too. Love the snowflake pretty!

  13. Oh, we are our worst critic. I think you did a beautiful job. And a lot of thinking into your quilting too - with the use of different thread colors and different designs to accent each color/area. Be proud!

  14. Beth,
    You quilting looks gorgeous! I love how the texture can add layers to the quilt and you have done that so beautifully!

  15. Ooh, that is so beautiful! Love the colors AND the quilting.

  16. It's a beautiful quilt, Beth; your quilting is lovely is the backing! Frugal is really in the original spirit of patchwork...and your backing suits the quilt

  17. Your quilting looks pretty impressive to me. Love your frugalness. What a great bargain for the backing and the texture the linen adds.

  18. It is such a pretty one, the red looks like square roses in the vine. Being frugal makes quilting all the more wonderful, you do a great job, Beth!

  19. Humbled??? WOW! YOU humble ME! It looks gorgeous!!! REALLY nice job!


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