Tuesday, December 28, 2010

repurposed gift.

I received a little gift for Christmas.
A kitchen towel.
Cute, huh?
Here's the recipe that came attached.

I knew that if I used this towel
in my kitchen...
as intended...
it would not be long for this world. ;)

I trimmed it a bit.
Added a strip of fabric on the top....
And a strip of fabric on the bottom.
Two ties on the sides...

I wear aprons quite often in my line of work:
(Chief cook and bottle washer).
This has become the perfect towel for me!!!


  1. Well, is that CUTE, or what? I do know what you mean about towels, and this will last a whole lot longer!

  2. Now I like that, and I would certainly use an apron a little more lovingly than the towel. Very clever lady you are.

  3. So true, my kitchen towels look like they have been driven over by a truck! Great idea.

  4. Great idea ,love your new apron .

  5. You are so clever Beth. Good on you!

  6. Good job, and very pretty how it turned out. I have some vintage tea towels too nice to be used, I think that I will follow your example, thank you for the idea.

  7. Nice! BTW, my 12" house block is in the mail today. Don't know if it will reach you by the deadline of January 1, but I hope so! Thanks!

  8. What a cute way to use your new towel and keep it fresh a little longer! It does seem like the cute ones are the first to get stained.... did you make the pie yet?

  9. OMG here you go again! Beth you need to think about that book!!!! Just saying!!!!!!!

  10. Love this apron! Great transformation!

    How you had a lovely Christmas and wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year.

  11. I too wear aprons in my "domestic" area. I got into the habit, and I prefer them. Must start creating a few of my own ~ since I like to wear funky aprons!!


  12. what a great way to use that cute towel! and i LOVE LOVE LOVE your description on your profile page of "chief cook and bottle washer". it cracks me up every time i see it!

    happy new year to you!


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