Monday, December 6, 2010

red and green

When I began this quilt....
I thought I might...possibly....use it for Christmas someday.
That day has not arrived.

This is another one of my 2" trouble quilts!!
Thankfully there's lots of green.
I've decided those seams are just NOT going to match!
From a distance you can't really tell....
Can you??

I'm going to move on with my life....
I'll leave these 2" blocks where they are.
Finish this quilt.
Say goodbye trouble!


  1. I think its pretty and festive! Love it.

  2. Good plan - it's awfully pretty!!! It'd be a shame to hide it in the closet....

  3. You know it looks pretty awful....
    you should send it to me so I can enjoy it...because I think its terrific!

    Yes, finish it and enjoy its beauty.
    Oh look how great your baskets came out.....lovely Beth!

    Happy Sewing

  4. Are you serious? I can see nothing but beauty in this top! Of corse the only person that will notice it is you. (if ther eis really something wrong with it) I once made a bag lady top for a friend and it wasn't until she took a picture of it that I noticed 1 block I put in upside down. Every one had a hard time finding it, but I spyed it right away and was upset she told me should would fix it and to relax but she never did! I still think of that top! I have a picture on my blog of it still.

  5. I have looked and looked and no, I can't see it. I see a beautiful quilt and lovely color choices! But you are wise to turn your back and move on if it bothers you.

  6. Oh, definitely finish it - it is lovely! And matching seams are overrated in my book. (of course, I don't have a book, but if I did...)

  7. BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    naw.... you can't see the seems from a distance.
    it's so-o-o lovely anyway.. and belongs on display for this Christmas!!


  8. What's not matching? I can't tell. It's a very fun quilt, just as Christmassy as can be!

  9. It's very pretty, and worth all the "trouble," I think.

  10. This quilt looks great!! I think you'll love it when its finished.

  11. I'm not finding a flaw. All I see is a treasure. It's beautiful!

  12. Looks great to me! That is a lot of 2" squares!!

  13. We are our hardest critics. A lot of 2" squares just are not going to be "right on". Remember our ancesters - quilts were made from love - not perfection. I think it is a wonderful scrap quilt. Quilt it up and enjoy it - or pass it on and watch the look of pure excitement on someone elses face - because it will be there.

  14. keep working on it and someday you'll be finished. Don't worry about flaws you see, everyone else's eyes will see it as perfect. It is beautiful!


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