Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Little bits of scrappy

I mentioned yesterday that I haven't been buying much fabric these days
I have quite a bit.
Well...this week I did buy some.
Just a little.
I happened to be at the Post Office.
The Post office shares a parking lot with the local quilt shop.
One thing led to the other.
Isn't that the way it goes???

I went into the quilt shop to buy a charm pack.
A charm pack is NOT QUITE buying fabric....Is it?
the Quilt shop had NO charm packs!
I love beginning baby quilts with charm packs.
They always get my creative juices going!

I couldn't leave the quilt shop without buying anything.
I bought 1/2 yard of cute owl fabric
1/2 yard of a coordinating fabric.
I first cut the new fabric into 5" charms.
(1/2 yard yields twenty-four 5" charms)
Then I started adding scraps.....
Teeny tiny 2" scraps.
The scrap blocks are made using a 2" colored square.
TWO 2" white squares
TWO 2"x5" white strips.
Put together they fit perfectly with 5" charms.
I DID use a little BIT of my stash.
I DID support the quilt industry by buying some fabric.
I DID have FUN doing it!

I was ALSO able to MATCH my quilt
to my NEWEST quilted baby cap!!!
What a WIN. WIN. kind of DAY!

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