Wednesday, February 5, 2014


There's a GREAT red and white quilt show going on
over at Insights from Sewcalgal.
This is my entry.

A quilt made in 2010 for a Friend.
A THANK YOU quilt.
I don't make many THANK you quilts...
but she deserved IT!!!!
Round the WORLD in red and white.

The colors were picked JUST for her!

I did an all over quilting pattern in the middle
and then tried my hand at feathers in the white border.
I also scalloped the edge...
which I THINK adds a LOT of charm to this simple pattern!

Here's one of my friend's past times.
Now you know WHY I chose RED and WHITE for her!

and this is her TIDY kitchen.
Wonder how she keeps it this way???
Enjoy the quilt show!
I'm OFF to clean my kitchen!

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