Friday, February 14, 2014

Paper piecing

I'm sewing with the "church ladies" tomorrow.
Here's the sample block.
We'll be making a few quilts for High school graduates.
We do it EVERY year!

The block is simple.
Perfect for the newbie sewer.
8" square of phone book paper.

One square 2 1/2" or so placed in the corner.
I place mine slightly OFF the paper....
Just IN CASE it shifts in and doesn't cover the paper.

LOTS of strips of fabric.
LOTS of scraps....
added Half LOG cabin STYLE.
I'm looking forward to a GREAT morning!!!

In OTHER  news....
One thing led to ANOTHER
and I found myself making another KNITTED cap this week.
I had the yarn.
My son has winter camp this weekend.
It HAD to be done!!!!
I finished it 1 hour before the kids left.
Things I learned while making my SECOND knitted project.
*using variegated yarn is helpful to the NEW knitter.
you can easily see the rows of stitches and figure out WHERE you ARE!
*Adult sized caps take quite a bit LONGER than baby caps.
*GOOD quality needles are SOoooo much better than the cheap ones.
They say.... QUALITY is the BEST value.
It's certainly true about knitting needles.
Have a GREAT weekend!

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