Tuesday, February 11, 2014

slippery slope

It all began with quilting.
It's a VERY slippery SLOPE folks!
A VERY slippery slope.
You think the world is ALL ABOUT quilting.
You dream about quilting...
Almost every night.
While YOU are quilting..
Your friends are knitting.
You admire your friends who knit.
YOU will NEVER learn to do THAT!
It looks WAY too complicated!
Maybe when you're 70 years old..
you'll learn.
You can crochet.
A little.

the UNBELIEVAble happens!
You learn a stitch with knitting needles....
and you're OFF!!!!
This is my first project.
A baby hat.
It's not perfect.
That's O.K.
Did you hear me yelling from the housetop???
The WORLD is my oyster!!!
ALL opportunities are OPEN to me NOW!

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  1. I'm pretty new to knitting also after a llooooonnng time of quilting. I love it! Good for you for trying it. I love all needle arts.


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