Thursday, February 27, 2014


I've been away from home and family this week helping a relative get settled in home after hip surgery. We all seem to know someone who's been through it, I think.  Takes time to manage all those daily living skills that are necessary when you live alone!
We're almost there. One day at a time.  
So happy to have little projects to keep me company in my new surroundings. Plus.....They give me a little calm between activity!
I was even able to SHARE my new knitting skill with a neighbor!
Advice: always have an extra pair of needles to share/teach with!  AND
Be prepared to give them away!  :)

I'm using iPad to blog with (learning curve!)
Photos include current projects,daily life (meds), and the little quilt I gave my relative long long ago!
Hope to make it back to my normal routine very soon!


  1. Good luck on a normal routine. I don't think I have had that since the middle of December. I love the quilting on the baby quilt.

  2. Love your projects. Hope your relative feels better soon.

  3. Love you little bit of hand stitching and that applique is super sweet. I've always loved being able to take in my hand work when I help out like that. Really a great distraction, conversation starter, etc. plus it helps so much to while away the hours.:)

  4. You are so generous with your time and talents!

  5. The little bit of hand quilting on the baby quilt is very precious.

  6. ALREADY teaching someone else how to knit? I shouldn't be surprised. The world doesn't need to know you only just learned yourself, [wink, wink!] You amaze me. I hope your time is sweet while you are there. How nice that it has worked for you to be there. And oh! What fun to see that quilt that you made for her, too! I think that is one I hadn't seen before.

  7. You are a true angel. Both quilts are darling. Wish i had someone to teach me to knit - but I like crochet, so I'll be okay. I'm considering that Christmas QAL - thanks for helping us learn new things.

  8. I'm sure your help was most welcomed. I love the colors in your hat.

  9. Cute quilts, and sweet beanie!

  10. love the colors in your hat. you are sweet to share your knitting knowledge.


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